Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : doctors in the danger of death, in the trailer of the episode 10

Grey's Anatomy saison 16 : les médecins en danger de mort dans la bande-annonce de l'épisode 10

Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : the trailer is very dangerous episode 10

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy will return in 2020 in the United States on ABC and in France on MyTF1VOD. But good news for the more impatient among you : the trailer of the episode 10 is already available. And this is going to be very dangerous for our doctors ! Check out the video tease two episodes are exceptional in crossover with the 3rd season of Station 19. Attention, spoilers !

A character from Grey’s Anatomy will he die early 2020 ? This is not impossible… After many moments of shock, episode 9 aired this Thursday 21 November in the USA (and available on MyTF1VOD here in France) ended with a huge cliffhanger : while several doctors, including Jackson (Jesse Williams), Nico (Alex Landi) and Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and fire (Ben, the leader Herrera) drank a glass, a car encastrait in the bar of Joe.

A crossover placed under the sign of danger

This is the 23 January 2020 that Grey’s Anatomy will return to american television. For the conclusion of this cliffhanger, ABC has bet on a double-episode crossover with Station 19, the season 3 will be launched on the same date. The first trailer to see below is not the most reassuring : it is possible to discover that the building structure will be damaged, and that it threatens to collapse, endangering the lives of people trapped. We don’t know you but we, we are not really reassured…

Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : the trailer of the episode 10 in crossover with Station 19

A result more sexy

After the drama, it would seem, however, that it is the sexy which will be in the spotlight for the second part of the season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy. The showrunner of the series, Krista Vernoff explained that the series will soon be able to afford to include sequences with a bit more hot, Grey’s Anatomy going to be broadcast at 21h (not 20h). “Grey’s was a series more sexy when it was broadcast at 21h. We are excited to return to this time” she assured Deadline. In the final mid-season, Grey’s Anatomy , has unveiled a new doctor, Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), the successor to Alex, which could well seduce Meredith.

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