Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : Meredith always doctor ? The verdict in the episode 8

Grey's Anatomy saison 16 : Meredith toujours médecin ? Le verdict dans l'épisode 8

Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : the verdict for Meredith in episode 8

Since the beginning of the season 16 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, the fate of Meredith was outstanding. Reclassified from Grey Sloane Memorial, the character played by Ellen Pompeo was in danger of losing the right to practice medicine after being found guilty of insurance fraud. This is episode 8, broadcast on Thursday 14 November in the United States on ABC and available in the US+24 sur MyTF1VOD, which gave the verdict. Warning, this article contains spoilers !

It’s not going to be very hard for Meredith since the return of Grey’s Anatomy last September. After helping a little girl who had no insurance by replacing its name with the name of his daughter, Ellis, the physician has committed fraud. In more hours of work in the general interest and a short tour in prison, the character played by Ellen Pompeo who had to compete with the college of physicians.

An episode very nostalgic

An important episode since it was actually the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, already !). So it was an opportunity to revisit the past and revisit one of the most painful of the series : the death of Derek (Patrick Dempsey). In fact, one of the doctors supposed to decide the fate of the Sea was one of those who had not managed to save the husband of the doctor. The latter finally die after having been taken with a seizure. To pay tribute to the history of the series, there was also a new time the first patient of Meredith (who was already back in season 12) as well as mentions of Cristina (Sandra Oh), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and April (Sarah Drew), who had written letters to support Meredith.

And the verdict is…

As you might expect, Meredith was finally able to retain his right to practise medicine ! Even better, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) proposed to him to return to the team of Grey Sloane Memorial. Finished the drama ? Yes, but no ! In fact, this good news has been a result much less positive on the couple Meredith/Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti). The doctor questioned their future and DeLuca decided to get away from it for that they think of their future. So break or not ? Response the next week with the final mid-season, the last episode of 2019.

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