Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : this is what Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) in his last scene

Grey's Anatomy saison 16 : voilà ce qu'Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) fait dans sa dernière scène

Grey’s Anatomy-season 16 : this is what Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) in his last scene

Not only Justin Chambers announced exit from Grey’s Anatomy at the end of 15 years, but in addition, his final scene has already been aired in the United States. This is episode 8 of season 16. But that makes his character Alex Karev in the last scene ? Learn how it part of the series. Attention spoilers !

The last episode with Justin Chambers has been released

Against all odds, Justin Chambers, who embodies Alex Karev since the very first season of Grey’s Anatomy, has announced his departure from the popular series medical. At the end of 15 years and 16 seasons, the american actor for nearly 50 years leaves the show created by Shonda Rhimes. It is in a press release that the actor has made this huge revelation that has shocked fans. It thus joins the long list of actors and parties as T. R. Knight (George O’malley), Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang), Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd), or Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens).

And the last episode in which Justin Chambers has already been released on November 14, 2019 on ABC in the United States. This is the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, is the episode 8 of season 16. Alex Karev hand and is replaced by dr. Cormac Hayes, played by Richard Flood (as you could see in the series, Shameless, Crossing Lines , or Red Rock), which then becomes the new head of pediatric department of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

On the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy – season 16, it will be released on January 23, 2020 on ABC.

Here’s how to share Alex Karev

But what happens in the last episode of Justin Chambers in the show ? Attention spoilers ! Alex Karev is going to help Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) to take her degree in medicine. After the scandal of insurance fraud, the heroine must go to the medical commission. The one who had lived a short but intense love affair with Izzie is going to even read letters of recommendation for several former doctors who rubbed shoulders Meredith, as, for example, Cristina Yang, Callie Torres and Addison Montgomery.

Thanks to him and to former patients, the star of Grey’s Anatomy finds, finally, his right to exercise. Good news that celebrate their friends and colleagues ! It was then that Alex has to leave to go and see his sick mother. An end all discretion so that does not risk much to please his fans, who expect a final scene worthy of his character which has marked the show for its character and its longevity.

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