Grigory Leps is gay? The young singer talked about love to the elderly by

Григорий Лепс - гей? Молодой певец рассказал о любви к престарелому исполнителю

today, 20:43

57-year-old Grigory Leps often sings in a duet with the 40-year-old EMIN. They revealed the true nature of their relationship on the eve of the Day of all lovers.

“You really are so close or are forced to tolerate each other for the sake of success?” asked the hosts of the show “Murzilki Live” on “Autoradio”.

“What we’re really good friends – for anybody not a secret,” seriously replied Leps, and handsome EMIN added: “it’s not Enough to say we like men love each other.”

Григорий Лепс - гей? Молодой певец рассказал о любви к престарелому исполнителю

Grigory Leps

Leading decided to make a joke about the authorship of the new hit song “Appetizer”.

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