“Grilled chicken more interesting”: Elena Kravets of “Kvartal 95” staged “dark” legendary ballerina

"Курица-гриль интересней": Елена Кравец из "Квартал 95" устроила "темную" легендарной балерине

today, 08:50

Recently, well-known Ukrainian ballet dancer Kateryna Kuhar and the main woman in the show “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz had a fight on stage. It happened during the filming of “Women’s Quarter” in one of the rooms, in which participated Kuhar.

So, the plot miniatures, Kravets invited her on stage to demonstrate their dance abilities and stretching. When the dancer started dancing, comedian broke down and “poured” her criticism, which I heard at the time from Kuchar in the TV show “dancing with the stars”

“Your dance, Kate, reminded me of my childhood as I stood and stared at the grilled chicken. So, even the chicken was more interesting, there’s even the crust has changed,” said Kravets.

"Курица-гриль интересней": Елена Кравец из "Квартал 95" устроила "темную" легендарной балерине


That, in turn, took it with a smile and humor, describing his impressions after the concert:

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“I am a judge at international dance festivals, in the show “dancing with the stars” and the “League of Laughter”… Sometimes even on the street people are asked to judge them. But “Women’s Quarter” presented me with a surprise and staged a humorous battle is for me a completely new experience. Very grateful to the girls for their good mood, positive atmosphere and a wonderful sense of humor,” concluded Kuhar.

Recall, Kravets of “95 Quarter” with tears in the eyes of the Ukrainians asked for help.

Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that Kravetz showed people’s love for the block 95.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Kravets with “Quarter 95” appeared in a hot photo shoot.

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