“Gringoire has never left me”

& laquo; Gringoire never left me & rsquo; & rsquo; & raquo;

MISE & Agrave; DAY

More than 20 years after hanging up Gringoire's mantle, Bruno Pelletier will meet again next year the famous character of Notre Dame de Paris for a last lap through the province. & nbsp;

At the end of the line, the singer admits it bluntly: the idea of ​​finding Gringoire after so much years is, let's put it politely, vertiginous. & nbsp;

“I have a bit of a female dog,” he laughs. & nbsp;

“But that's okay: it's because I take it very seriously. I was 36 when I first brought Gringoire to life and will be 60 next summer. I am no longer the same man. And neither did Gringoire, in a sense. So it's going to be a different approach and I don't want to disappoint people. I must live up to the memory, “continues Bruno Pelletier. & Nbsp;

Welded forever

It must be said that the singer and the character are inseparable in the minds of many Quebecers. In fact, we no longer associate the songs Le temps des cathédrales or even Moon to Bruno Pelletier whoever has revisited them on stage after him. The soundtrack and the recording of the concert went a long way to bonding them together forever. & Nbsp;

Far be it from him to complain. On the contrary, even. & Nbsp;

“Gringoire has never left me. I've been doing Notre Dame de Paris songs in all my shows for the past 20 years; I know people want to hear The Age of Cathedrals and there is no question for me to sulk their pleasure nor mine ”, he confides. & nbsp;

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“I am extremely proud to have participated in the creation of what has become the biggest show in the history of the Francophonie. Notre Dame de Paris , it changed my life. It was this show that brought me into the world in Europe and internationally, that allowed me to go singing all over the world. I will be forever grateful, “he adds. & Nbsp;


He will thus find the costumes of Gringoire, troubadour and narrator of Notre Dame de Paris starting next July, first in Moncton, then in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. In each of these cities, he will defend the role alternately with Richard Charest, who to date has played it more than 1,200 times across the planet. & Nbsp;

This idea of ​​sharing the role – a common practice on Broadway, he underlines – moreover convinced him to accept this last lap.

Notre Dame de Paris , it is is a very demanding project. I came out a bit vocally messed up at the time, so there was no way I could reprise the role for six to seven shows a week. And it was to Richard Charest that I passed the torch when I left at the time. So I like the idea that he gives it to me again today ”, explains Bruno Pelletier. & Nbsp;

Note that the sites of the presenters will specify who of Bruno Pelletier or Richard Charest will play Gringoire for each performances, in order to properly guide fans when buying their tickets. & nbsp;

Notre Dame de Paris will be presented at Place des Arts in Montreal starting August 10, then at the Grand Théâtre de Québec starting August 25.

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