Groisman found guilty of disrupting the plans for gas production

Гройсман нашел виновных в срыве планов по добыче газа

Guilty of disrupting plans for gas production, the Prime Minister believes the Subsidiary, narodivsya production of only 0.3 percent.

The Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman charged to the Subsidiary in thwarting the plans on gas production. He stated this during the presentation of the report of the Cabinet last year at a meeting Wednesday, February 13, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“I am very unhappy that in fact the subsidiary company of Naftogaz plan for gas production, which we have adopted up to 2020, actually failed,” – said Groisman.

According to him, in the next period it is very important to increase the volume of production to reach the planned indicator.

“And it is very disturbing to us today and it is very important to fix this in the next period, to change the situation”, – said Groisman.

He recalled that last year Ukraine produced 21 billion cubic meters of gas.

The Prime Minister also announced that in 2018 year, Ukraine reduced gas imports by almost 3.5 billion cubic meters.

“But increased production levels, increased the proportion of green energy and introducing technologies for a more efficient consumption. For the year, reduced consumption of more than 14 billion to 10.6 billion cubic meters,” – he stressed.

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