Growing new Kurt Cobain: son Friske has changed dramatically since mom died

Растет новый Курт Кобейн: сын Фриске кардинально изменился после гибели мамы

today, 12:06

Known Russian TV presenter, husband of the deceased singer Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev compared himself with his son Platon in his current age — he is now 6 years old.

This Shepelev reported on its page in social network Instagram.

Really, our kids are getting older faster than we are. Do you remember yourself in 6 years? I’m so. But before I tell you about myself and probably all of us in this age, will tell about his son. He’s seven, he loves Nirvana and asked for permission to dye my hair. As Kurt. When I was six I went to kindergarten. I was constantly sick from semolina and milk teas. I went to the infamous tights. They slid off the ridiculous feet and dragged across the floor. My musical high album with songs from the film “Cruel romance”. “Shaggy bumblebee, “said Shepelev.

The broadcaster said that he allowed his son to dye my hair white, as the lead singer of Nirvana.

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“MOh son listens to Nirvana and asked for a guitar! Really our children grow up faster than we — “the Shaggy bumblebee” and “Smells like teen spirit” feel the difference? By the way, I allowed his son to dye your hair” — said TV presenter.

However, the words Shepeleva about hair shocked some supporters. Not everyone agrees with the decision of Dmitry, who has previously been criticized for the fact that his son goes with long hair and a ponytail.

Растет новый Курт Кобейн: сын Фриске кардинально изменился после гибели мамы

Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev

Someone in the background of this situation, even remembered Hollywood Actresses Charlize Theron and Megan Fox. The sons of these famous women wearing dresses, their mothers don’t see anything wrong with that. But the majority supported Dmitry, admitting that he’s a good father.

We will remind, the car crash may be behind bars, but not so simple: who was driving actually.

As reported by the portal Znayu Dmitry Shepelev preparing for the wedding with a new lover that is known.

Also Znayu wrote in Zavorotnyuk found secondary glioblastoma doctors commented on the diagnosis of “My fair nanny”.

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