Growing popularity for cycling and physical activity

Popularité grandissante pour le vélo et l’activité physique

The traffic on the bike paths seems to have arrived at the same time that the weather is nice. While the sports activities will resume gradually, walking, running and biking are popular within the population.

During the crisis of the COVID-19, while the activities were limited, many people took the opportunity to make the purchase of a bike. The minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, feels this craze. “People are adopting active transportation. Despite the work schedule is binding, people must take the time to do a 30 minutes or an hour of sport a day,” he said at the end of the wire, Friday.

For about five years, Mr. Bonnardel has noticed a major change in regards to sharing the road. “I ride often alone and I would say that about 80% of the people comply with the 1.5 metre with cyclists”. He also noted the civility of the truck drivers with those who find themselves on the outskirts of the road.

The member for Granby forgets not, however, the reverse side of the medal. “Cyclists must also respect the rules of the road”.

Invest in active transportation

Each year, the government announces major investments for roads and public transit. The work of the minister of Transport will, however, well beyond these two projects. “The current of the next two years, I want to bring my Finance minister [Eric Girard] to invest in bike trails, the development of the road and the different connections,” says Bonnardel.

According to him, the popularity of cycling will continue to increase if the cities are involved in the appropriate development of roads. “There has been a change of culture in the population.”

“In addition, there are electric bikes that will change the game for the next 20 years,” he believes.

Reduce the burden on the health system

The hospital system has been put to the test during the outbreak of coronavirus and we need to find ways to reduce congestion. According to Pierre Lavoie, there is only one way to do it. “It goes through the health. The evolution of the system is done by the adoption of healthy life habits”.

The cardiologist Martin Juneau, associated with the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie since the first edition in 2007, supports this message without reserve. “Physical activity has more effect than positive health : prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. It is also delaying the onset of symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease”.

In addition, he points to the colossal work of prevention, as advocated by Pierre Lavoie, for many years. “His involvement has given a thrust to the movement. He has done more than all the doctors put together”, boasts Dr. Juneau.

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