Grown thin for 40 kg Russian woman was surprised by the figure of the network: photo

Before Alexander Tarasov weighed 105 pounds, and now only 63

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Похудевшая на 40 кг россиянка удивила фигурой сеть: фото

Alexander Tarasov

Russian blogger Alexander Tarasov in just five months she lost forty pounds. The woman claims to get in shape, she managed through proper diet. Besides, she had lost the Allergy, the hair stopped falling out and skin to peel off.

Похудевшая на 40 кг россиянка удивила фигурой сеть: фото

Alexander Tarasov

“Frying the potatoes to her husband at 23:00, I don’t even try it, I don’t like because of the fries or burgers to undo all his labors and efforts Tarasov wrote on his page in Instagram. – I want to be healthy, like my husband, and again flutter over the earth.”

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The woman claims that she used to weigh 105 pounds, and now only 63. But after weight loss there was another problem – stretch marks.

“Twenty years I even did not experienced due to the presence of my stretch marks or hanging belly. Well, actually, the weight-and then my I was a little worried then. When I was five months got rid of forty kilos, the belly is hung in the first months after weight loss”, – said Alexander Tarasov.

According to the woman, to solve this problem, she began to care for the skin – go to massages, wraps, peeling and doing the exercises. Over the past six months she has become a star in network – on her page signed by about 36.5 thousand people.

Recall, the man has lost twice and called a simple method of weight loss. We also reported that the 29-year-old Jennifer Malik from Blackpool (UK) for 16 months, has lost 95 pounds. In addition, the emaciated 90 pounds girl called the main condition weight.

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