GTA V was blocked in 50 countries due to violations of the law

Players of GTA V Online can’t gamble in Diamond Casino update in more than 50 countries

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 15:40

Update Diamond Casino for Grand Theft Auto V Online appeared yesterday. But after launch got a nasty surprise – they can’t play a new game mode because it was blocked due to laws on gambling. The ban covers 50 countries.

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Mode Diamond Casino gamers are allowed to spend real money (to buy in-game money) to spend in the casino, Rockstar Games has carefully restricted this function in countries where there are strict laws about gambling. Many were looking forward to an opportunity to play roulette or blackjack with all the dollars they have earned in
GTA V for all these years. When gamers tried to connect, they found that for most of them the casino was unavailable.

Игру GTA V заблокировали в 50 странах из-за нарушения закона

In the casino you can play for real money, that became the stumbling block for laws 50 countries. Although it is impossible to withdraw money – they are virtual

Game developers are not reported, in some regions denied access to the casino. So players began to make a list of all countries where Diamond Casino is not available. For example, gambling is part of Grand Theft Auto V not available in Belarus, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Portugal, Argentina, Israel, Greece, Taiwan, and Cuba and Cyprus. It is also worth noting that in Poland the access mode is open, despite the official ban – players are recommended to use only at your own risk.

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Ukraine in the list were not available, although in our country also has a law banning gambling, which extends to the Internet. Most likely situation in our country with the game similar to the situation in Poland – the law prohibits, but gambling mode is – use at your own risk.

Other users have found a loophole through the VPN, which can be a temporary solution. But in this case, gamers run the risk of being blocked by developer Rockstar Games for violating the terms of use in its game.

We will remind that earlier was disclosed specific details of the game Grand Theft Auto 6, which was recently confirmed by the head of Rockstar.

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