Guaido in the embassy of France in Caracas

Guaido dans l’ambassade de France à Caracas

Caracas | the leader of The opposition venezuelan Juan Guaido is located in the embassy of France in Caracas, said the foreign Affairs minister Jorge Arreaza, three days after president Nicolas Maduro had suggested that his rival was “hidden” in a diplomatic representation.

“We can’t enter the premises of an embassy of any country, in the case of Spain or France, and make Justice [the] stops to force. This is not possible, ” said Mr. Arreaza, who was interviewed on the radio about the presence of another opponent, Leopoldo Lopez, in the residence of the ambassador of Spain, and on the presumed Mr. Guaido to the interior of the embassy of France.

“We hope that these governments will change their opinion ( … ), and will deliver to those who want to escape Justice in venezuela “, he added.

Mr. Arreaza said a ” situation of deep irregular “. “It is a shame for the diplomacy of Spain, it is a shame for the diplomacy of France, what happened, and they will pay the price very, very soon “, has he hammered.

The two countries are part of the fifties in the world who recognize Mr. Guaido as acting chairman, rather than Mr Maduro, elected head of State, according to them, in the middle of serious irregularities.

On Monday, Mr. Maduro had suggested that Mr. Guaido could be ” hidden in an embassy “.

His opponent had denied. “You lies,” he wrote on Twitter, saying that ” with the people “.

The power of the venezuelan qualified on multiple occasions, Mr. Guaido of ” runaway “, without ever specifying how it would have escaped an arrest warrant of any kind.

Diplomatic tensions appeared in may between Paris and Caracas, on the subject of the treatment of the ambassador of France, Romain Nadal. Since 2 may, police officers venezuelans keep the street in which he resides, and his residence is without water and electricity.

These issues ” affect the normal operation of our diplomatic representation “, according to the French ministry of foreign Affairs.

The embassy, however, continues to state his / her activity. On Friday, Mr. Nadal had posted on Twitter a photo of his meeting with his Russian counterpart newly arrived, Sergei Melik-Bagdasarov.

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