Guf caused to “ring” exdeputy of the state Duma and Nosov judoka: “Come here, I am one” video

Гуф вызвал на "ринг" ексдепутата Госдумы и дзюдоиста Носова: "Иди сюда, я один", видео

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Guf vs Nosova: who will win

Guf is now resting in Thailand and decided to record live in Instagram. Dmitry Nosov also on vacation in Thailand. The beginning of the broadcast was fairly quiet, although with a great deal of profanity from Alex. However, after a few moments, when the audience became more, Gough began a long monologue in which he called to fight Nosova, who is the honored judo and won bronze at the Olympic games. He also previously was the Deputy of the state Duma. Dolmatov believes that noses destroyed his family, as stated without further hesitation. And he recalled that they had with Dmitry is “negotiatory question.” Besides, a little later he said that a lot of damage with that nose, that he took the right.

Short video, the most important thing

“Noses, come here, I’m alone on the beach, come on. I think you and I have negotiatory question – from slim, me, my wife, wife, slim, bridesmaid, Sam. Where do you train? Want me to come alone? Where do you train? You’re ****** fighters, galustiani. Come, come, member, *****.”

Gough asked the question to the fore, where he is double-crossed him and why it is relevant, because he just wants to live in peace.

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A little background

Nosov judoka consisted of the liberal democratic party, and his own activist movement, which is called the “AntiVir”. FSKN together with these actors in 2014 and 2015 Guf detained in Krasnoyarsk. By the way, in his video he makes it clear how much he loves this city. The rapper was forced to undergo an examination, which found traces of drugs in the blood. Namely, it was cocaine and hashish, under which Dolmatov was then performed at the concert. After 6 days of detention he was released.

Гуф вызвал на "ринг" ексдепутата Госдумы и дзюдоиста Носова: "Иди сюда, я один", видео

Dmitry Nosov, photo: bookmaker-ratings

I thought about it myself Nosov

Of course, Direct Nosov immediately began to fill with questions about this live. And he answered pretty quickly. In his video response, he advised Gufw to recover and get off the drugs. He decided that Dolmatov had “masinatele or distribute”.

Lions do not prey on mice.

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In the end, he won’t meet with the Body and especially to accept his challenge to fight.

As reported Znayu, Gough apologized for his remarks about women.

Also Znayu wrote, the famous mistress of Guf was in the hospital.

Recall that some celebrities mistakenly sent to the light before the time.

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