“Guiding them towards the jobs of tomorrow”: the challenge of Lise Bachmann, patron of the Fil Rouge

Godmother of the Fil Rouge, Lise Bachmann is co-founder of Womaccelerator, an innovative HR Tech start-up, and is part of the Top 100 French digital personalities.

We know that there are too few women in tech. However, 70% of tomorrow's jobs will be related to new technologies. How can we explain this deficit of women?

First of all, it should be noted that there remains a problem of parity between women and men in business management in France as well as in politics: there is 37% of women in the National Assembly versus 39% during the previous legislature. In tech, it’s even worse.

Only 28% of engineers are women and only 12% of computer engineers are women. You realize ? This is a societal problem linked to cognitive biases. Parents, teachers and relatives still struggle to involve girls in mathematics and to direct them towards these studies and careers when they are obviously perfectly capable of acquiring the skills required to practice these professions. rsquo;future.

What problems does this lack of parity in digital pose??

If the data is only processed by men, we will create a strange society… We risk transforming AI into “BA”, into artificial stupidity, and prolonging or even intensifying cognitive biases. At the risk, ultimately, of arousing mistrust among users. It is therefore in the interest of tech and artificial intelligence companies to bring women together to create the products and solutions that society as a whole will need tomorrow.

It’is proven: gender parity is economically beneficial for companies that do so ;instaurent.

Absolutely! In addition to social justice, it brings more efficiency within teams, financial performance, innovation, environmental and societal responsibility in the company, and long-term vision too. The countries where citizens are happiest are those that respect women's rights and equal opportunities for success for all. The world will be much better when there is real parity in the governing bodies of companies, associations and politicians.

Tell us about Womaccelerator, what is it??

It is an innovative training program that I designed and developed in order to help companies reveal all their potential and to enable executives, and particularly women, to significantly accelerate their career to reach positions of greater responsibility.

We also help companies achieve the objectives set by the Rixain law: 40% of female executives in companies with more than 1,000 employees. here 2030, under penalty of financial penalties (up to 1% of the payroll, that's not nothing!). Companies that have understood the issue of parity thanks to Womaccelerator are accelerating the transformation of their management towards greater diversity, inclusion and performance.

You think that in France, we can achieve these ambitious objectives ?

We are vigilant but confident. I think that the need to attract talent and succeed in the fight against global warming will accelerate the arrival of women in management and Codir. My dream is that there will be gender parity in the management bodies of companies in 2035 and in tech professions in the 2050s. We will not let our guard down!

During the Red Thread Gala, you led a workshop called “Boosting your self-confidence”. What “tips” can you give us to make this happen ?

Self-confidence is one of the keys to success. However, we observe a great deal of self-censorship among women. But it’s not irremediable. Close your eyes, think of a moment in your professional life when you surpassed yourself, where you achieved a particularly ambitious goal, where you felt proud and powerful.

Every time you have a moment of doubt, think back to this moment. I often give the following advice: never stay alone, seek advice and especially feedback from your colleagues, bosses, coaches, loved ones: you will be surprised by the results; create a network of caring people who can give you constructive criticism. As for harsh criticism, forget about it immediately.

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