Guillaume Pineault: a big fan of Bernard Werber

Guillaume Pineault: a big fan of Bernard Werber


While touring across Quebec to present his show Détour, comedian Guillaume Pineault offers himself a pause to tell us about the books he liked.

Which book do you think is really worth checking out right now? 

< p>There is a book that I adored because it really touched me: Ta mort à moi by David Goudreault. I had never read anything by him before, and it was Louis-José Houde who gave me this novel. I liked that so much! In my life, this is the first book that I finish with watery eyes. Basically, it tells the story of a recognized poet, but particularly tormented, and until the last page, I did not see anything coming!

A-t- Is there another you would like to talk about?

Alexandre Barrette, another humorist, suggested Openby André Agassi. He is one of my childhood heroes and in this book, I learned among other things that this tennis professional had never liked tennis. In fact, he hated it to die his whole life! 

What novels have you loved outright in your life? 

  • High Demolitionby Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard, a novel about the world of humor that I found really good. It allowed me to see all kinds of similarities with what I experienced in my career. But dressing rooms where you see people openly taking drugs, honestly, I've never seen that in 10 years! 
  • The diverby Stephane Larue. This one I read while traveling. I know they're going to make a movie out of it. It takes place in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, where I lived for eight years, and it's about a young adult struggling with a problem of gambling addiction. After reading it, I wanted to write a book too, and I did. It should be released next November. It's a bit autobiographical, which allowed me to write something that isn't necessarily comical. 
  • The Little Prince d 'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When I was in secondary 5, I had to do an oral French on him and it was the first book in my life that I read completely! I think there is no better book to understand what empathy is.
  • The Goddess of Firefliesby Genevieve Pettersen. A little novel that my girlfriend was pretty sure I was going to like. The heroine is a young girl, and I liked her vision of adolescence, which is very different from that of guys. I found that this book brought it up in a clear way. Plus, it's well written. 

What are you reading right now?

A book that the sound guy on my tour suggested me because he knew I was going to like: Kukumby Michael Jean. I find it important to read about history that is not ours. But there, I left it at the cabin, and I didn't get very far. 

Do you remember a book that managed to make you burst out laughing?

I'm going to go there with the whole Paul series by Michel Rabagliati. I didn't have great laughs while reading it, but it made me feel good, touched me. And if I liked all the volumes, I still have a favorite: Paul has a summer job

Does do you have a favorite thriller?  

I am a big Bernard Weber fan. Every Christmas, my mother gives me one of her books! I really liked Pandora's Box. It made me laugh that the hero of the story had to go to his past lives to try to improve his current life. 

Is there a reference book you couldn't live without? 

Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netters. I love this book and I'm happy to talk about it. Netters hand painted all body parts. When I was an osteopath, I watched it so much! This is a book that I will never get rid of even if I no longer practice. It's really well done. 

What are you planning to read this summer?

My friend Judith Lussier gave me her book Canceled: Reflections on the cancel culture. So I will read it. I want to know his vision. I will understand her better and see how she put it into words.