Gustine (The Voice 2020) : why it did not chose Marc Lavoine ? She replies

Gustine (The Voice 2020) : pourquoi elle n'a pas choisi Marc Lavoine ? Elle nous répond

Gustine (The Voice 2020)

It has already been two weeks that the duo improvised with Marc Lavoine on “Les yeux revolvers” made the rounds of the web and buzz. Following the release of its hearing to the blind The Voice 9 this Saturday, February 8, 2020 on TF1, Gustine is back on that crazy moment. In an interview with Purebreak, she explained why she had not chosen Marc Lavoine as a coach.

Purebreak : Your real name is Marine, why Gustine ?

Gustine : Gustine, it is my third given name. My parents gave it as a tribute to my great-grandmother that everyone called Gustine, even if his real first name, it was Augustine. 5 years ago, when I started to produce my own electronic music, I needed a nick and I thought this name was funny.

You also have a different stage name : Milamarina, it’s coming from where ?

This is a project that I had been there a little longer, when I was in my twenties. I had mounted a project more pop around compositions. It has evolved into a project very, very intimate and then to a duo, who stopped two years ago. So here, it is a pseudonym with which I have less news but, for the past 5 years, I do concerts-mail.

When did you start music ?

I started with the piano at the conservatory, then I made the harp and the jazz. This are my parents who motivated, they love the music, my dad is the guitar, my mother the piano, but not professionally. My mother is a nurse, my father is an engineer, but I think that these are people who have dreamed of making music their life but at the time, they didn’t have the opportunity because they had to go to work, they should graduate. It is true that I have been lucky to have parents who have supported me in my first few years of life to make music. They passed on their love of the music.

We always dream of living off music but we don’t necessarily think this is possible

When you have decided to devote himself entirely to the music ?

It is true that we always dream of living off music but we do not necessarily think that this is possible. As I do not come from a family of professional musicians, not even they imagined it to be, not necessarily that this is possible. I am allowed to me to devote to it around the age of 18, after the tray. I went to the Cefedem of Lorraine, where I spent the qualifications to be a teacher at the conservatory. Moreover, I established my own music school in Reims, there is a year and a half, which is called the place, and I also teach at the conservatoire de Beauvais. Besides that, I was also already a lot of concerts.

You were on stage with the Rollings Stones, how it is done ?

It was a big stroke of luck. I don’t know them personally. They were in need of a choir of singers for a song and I found myself in this choir there by circumstances. So it was a coincidence but a very happy coincidence, it was a great thrill to do that.

Then you have played with Fakear, how have you encountered ?

We had exchanged e-mails because I liked his music, so I had sent samples, small pieces of recordings of harp, and it is he who, one day, as we didn’t know at all, maybe 3 years after that I gave him these samples, phoned me and told me that he would like to play with me during one of his concerts at the Olympia. It is done in a manner quite unexpected, and, subsequently, I was offered the tour for 4 years together.

I didn’t want to participate in The Voice because it is a contest and that I don’t like it

Why participate in The Voice today ?

On a whim and for a challenge, because I like to throw myself small challenges. It is like that, I think that I was ready. I was in a time when I needed to wake me up and throwing me challenges. At times, one has the impression that the destiny is sealed and he gives us a few surprises. So, when I was asked if I wanted to go sing for The Voice, I said to myself “why not” ! After that, there are moments where I did not want to go there because it is a competition and that I don’t like it but I said “Marine, you do not realize, you’ll be able to sing in front of millions of people, to show thy instrument, it’s great, it’s an incredible chance !” and I said, “it is true, they are right, I am ungrateful if someone offers me to go there don’t go there”. In the end, I found myself a little chance to push the door of this contest, saying that the principal was actually in front of an audience, regardless of the intermediary. After that, it is true that I do not like the aspect of competition, at the end there is still a verdict that is not necessarily easy, we stay or we go. Even when we rest, there are buddies who go and this is not really pleasant. But hey, an audience that is very valuable when one is an artist.

Thou hast picked The eyes revolver Marc Lavoine, why ?

The same, a little by chance, a few in tears. When I was asked what I was going to sing for the auditions in the blind, I had not thought about the question. But when I was told that there would be Marc Lavoine among the coaches, it was tilt because I like to sing The eyes revolvers at the karaoke later in the evening. And I realize that it was rather a good choice, given how the video has turned, and saw the thrill that Marc has done for me in coming to sing with me, it was fate.

Not too much pressure to take it in front of the performer to be original ?

So, because if he had not returned, it would have meant that I had slain his title and that he really did not thinks so, I told the same to this possible inconvenience. But, at the same time, I thought it was very funny to see the face he would make when he would recognize her song, and then to do that to enjoy my instrument. It is an instrument that we don’t hear very often so I told myself that maybe he would dig to hear his song in an instrument in which he has perhaps never heard.

My duet with Marc Lavoine was really not expected and I was really on the ass

It worked because he has joined them on stage and improvised a duet with you…

Yeah, and this was not planned at all. Often, people ask me if it was planned because it is true that we send the ball well at the level of text, but hey, it’s, it’s something of a musician when you are used. But this was really not expected and I was really on the ass, it was a good rant.

Why not having a choice as a coach ?

Because I’m a bitch (laughs). No, because, precisely, there may be a universe of close musically, I have a voice a bit soft, it was more expected and less funny. When Lara told me that she wanted to work with me because, as I had a light voice, it wasn’t expected it on this land here, I said to myself “hey, that’s a curious person, who wants to do things it was not in the habit of doing, and I also am like that”. So I said that we were going to get along well.

TF1 has shared images of the duo, what kind of messages did you receive ?

I received a lot of messages from people who tell me that they have thinks. It’s funny because there are also plenty of people that I had not been in contact for a long time – for example my old buddies from college. It is fun, it also allows you to get back in touch with a lot of people.

You who do not like the competition, how you feel at the approach of the battles ?

Not necessarily precisely. The competition is very direct in this step, that is to say that it is 50-50 and we share the piece with the person who is taking my place, or then it’s me who’ll take his place, it really is a thing that I don’t like at all. But after I said that he must also know how to reverse the trend and say that it is a very, very beautiful chance for her, as for me and we are going to try to enjoy it.

Interview by Marion Poulle. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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