Guy Lapointe is getting better

Guy Lapointe is getting better

Former Montreal Canadiens defender Guy Lapointe has recovered from throat cancer.

This is what he told the website of the National Hockey League on Friday, a year to the day after the CH announced that he was suffering from the disease.

Even though “Pointu” is getting better, he still has several effects related to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments he has undergone.

“I feel pretty good, but half of my tongue is paralyzed. Sometimes I have difficulty pronouncing certain words. I still can’t taste the food or drink. I am limited in what I can eat because I have difficulty swallowing, ”explained Lapointe.

“I met the doctor last week and he told me there was a 50 percent chance that I would taste it again. It could take another year. I had very aggressive treatments because the cancer was advanced, ”he added.

Despite this, Lapointe has not lost his sense of humor, a characteristic that made him famous in the Habs locker room.

“I feel a bit like a trash can: you open the lid, throw food in it and close it,” he joked.

A big weight loss

There was not only negative in this mishap, as Lapointe has experienced dramatic weight loss in the past year.

“On the plus side, I lost 50 pounds,” said one who was a member of the famous ‘Big Three’. I weighed 270 pounds and was overweight. I’m at 220 pounds now, about 10 pounds heavier than when I played hockey. The doctor told me that I was going to have to lose weight. I haven’t lost my weight the way I would have liked, but I feel good physically so I don’t have a problem. ”

Lapointe also spoke on the current edition of the Canadian.

“They’re going to be in the race and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re going to make the playoffs,” he said. They improved in every position during the offseason adding goalie Jake Allen, Joel Edmundson on defense and good forwards in Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli. They won’t have an excuse this year. They will have to deliver the goods. ”

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