Guy Nantel denounces the absence of the flag during the spectacle de la fête nationale

Guy Nantel dénonce l’absence du drapeau lors du spectacle de la fête nationale

The disappearance of the fleurdelisé when spectacle de la fête nationale shows that multiculturalism prevails quietly on the nationalism in Quebec, according to the candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois Guy Nantel.

Mr. Nantel, who is officially a candidate since yesterday, has hit out at the organisers of the show broadcast Tuesday night. The absence of the flag, at this event, made it wince.

The feast was orchestrated by the Mouvement national des Québécois. Its president, Martine Desjardins, said in social media that it was a mistake. Normally, flags are given to the crowd. But this year, the show was free to the public. “My error,” she said. She added that it was not a “conspiracy”.

Mr. Nantel believes that it is an error “deplorable”. “This is a strong symbol of how one removes an identity to a people. They removed the patriotic speeches, we took the name of St. John, and now it removes the flag”, he denounced in an interview with The Journal.

“It is a removal of all the symbols. This is the best way to clear a people”, he added.

He believes that this de-politicisation of the national day is the demonstration of a victory of the increasingly visible “multiculturalism nationalism”. “They don’t realize that there is a price to pay: this will be more and more difficult to speak French in North America”, has he dropped.

He noted that Canada, which is called “postnational”, however doesn’t hesitate to break out the maple leaf on the 1st of July.

Mr. Nantel, for its part, has chosen to announce his official candidature to the leadership of the PQ on the 23rd of June. “There is a question of circumstances, but, yes, there is a symbolic. The Saint-Jean, Quebec, PQ, it is all tied together,” he stressed.

It is hoped that other potential competitors, such as the historian Frederic Bastien, will succeed in obtaining the required signatures. Unlike the LIBERALS, who were crowned Dominique Anglade, the PQ will be a debate of ideas, welcomed Mr. Nantel.

His team is also preparing a game plan to meet the activists of the party and waits to see what will be the rules of public health in August and September.

“We’d like to do a tour, but the rules change from day to day,” said Mr. Nantel. He praised the crisis management of the government Legault, but believes that we can still criticize the slowness of the government to procure personal protective equipment at the beginning of the pandemic.

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