Guy Nantel drags the tab to the leadership of the Parti québécois due to the containment

Guy Nantel traîne de la patte pour la chefferie du Parti québécois en raison du confinement

The victim containment, the humorist Guy Nantel acknowledges that it lacks “a lot” of signatures to become an official candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois, in addition to acknowledge a significant delay in the funding of his campaign.

Suspended since the end of march, the race to the leadership of the parti québecois will resume next Friday.

As of this date, the aspiring chefs will be given three weeks, until June 26, to file the 2000 signatures required to become a candidate.

“We still lack a lot,” admits Guy Nantel in an interview with our parliamentary Bureau, without revealing the number of supports that are missing.

The funding is also difficult, so that the candidates must deposit a total of $ 25,000 to be of the race.

Although it is the leader in the polls, Mr. Nantel happens behind its main adversaries in the collection of donations. According to the Director general of elections of Quebec, he has amassed 14 974 $.

Mp pq Sylvain Gaudreault has been harvested for its 45 225 $, while Paul St-Pierre Plamondon following closely with 42 300 $.

Historian Frédéric Bastien, for his part, has collected 23 628 $ to this day.


Guy Nantel do not hide the fact that his campaign has been severely affected by the pandemic.

After you become a candidate on the 13th of February, its launch event was scheduled for march 18 in Montreal. To this date, Quebec is rather found in full containment.

His opponents, meanwhile, are entered in the race earlier, and therefore have benefited from more time to raise donations prior to the suspension of the race, he noted.

“It’s unfortunate, but it’s like that,” said Mr. Nantel. I am late compared to the gifts because… it is a shot of the evil spell that no one has ever been able to make the launch of the campaign.”

Launch at the end of August

Such an event would have brought together activists and raise donations, in addition to publicize the election platform, says the candidate.

The official launch will finally take place at the end of August.

“When the campaign will start at the end of June, beginning of July, the people will never follow more the politics of the day,” he says. So, we are going to launch it towards the end of the month of August.”

The unveiling of the successor of Jean-François Lisée will take place on 9th October next.

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