Guy Nantel suspended from the race for the leadership of the Parti québécois

Guy Nantel suspendu de la course à la chefferie du Parti québécois

The comedian and candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois (PQ), Guy Nantel, said to have been sanctioned by the party for violating a rule.

In a long message posted on his page on Facebook, he mentions that his photo and its information are removed from the website of the PQ for a period of 48 hours.

This sanction would have been imposed because it would have “violated a party rule that prevents the applicants to communicate by email with the members of the party,” one can read.

The candidate will also take the opportunity to sharply criticize the decision that he deems “absurd”.

“I would like to say publicly that I consider this rule to be absurd and do not recognize any validity of the sanction,” wrote the comedian.

He adds that what annoys most of all, it is what this sanction means.

“But that is what it implies, which annoys me deeply, the taste of magouillage which to me is repugnant”, says he.

Guy Nantel even goes so far as to ask if he is welcome in the race.

“But today, I’m angry and I wonder if the instances of the party are really interested to see me in the race? I want to make my contribution to the cause, but not at the cost of my reputation and my integrity,” he concludes.

A race to four

Suspended because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, the race to the leadership of the Parti québécois was officially launched on the 26th of June last.

Four candidates are running, or Frederick Bastien, Sylvain Gaudreault, Guy Nantel and Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

The new PQ leader will be chosen on 9 October at the outcome of a vote that will be held from 5 to 9 October.

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