Guylaine Tanguay: all about the music

Guylaine Tanguay: la musique avant tout

Start an album in full pandemic ? The challenge is risky and complex exercise, grants Guylaine Tanguay. Still, there was no question for her to postpone the release of its new offer. “I’ve always done my music to do good for people. And these days, there is still greater need of things that we do well, ” says the singer.

No, the last few weeks have not been easy to cross over to the Quebec. That, Guylaine Tanguay has obviously noticed, having spent two weeks in quarantine at the beginning of the spring.

“It is difficult for everyone. You can’t go to the restaurant, we can’t do or see shows, etc. Me, I have a beautiful life, I’m fine. But I think of those who have not, say, the life of which they dream, who have financial difficulties, health problems or family problems… It must be very, very heavy, ” says the singer of 47 years in video conferencing with The Journal.

And even if the province begins these days the process of déconfinement as expected, the singer doesn’t feed false hopes ; it believes that it will not be back on the road soon to present his new album, Country, to the entire province.

“The entertainment industry has been among the first to stop, and I have the impression that it is going to be the last to pick up. But I try not to think too much about it “, avance-t-it.

Viral videos

But, in spite of the lack of concerts, Guylaine Tanguay has never had the intention to hang up his microphone during the pandemic. Enough to find a way to maintain contact with his fans…

Thus, since march, she turned to Facebook to make capsules musical where she played the special requests of its subscribers. Of Shallow to If it was sufficient to love, in passing by , When one is in love and other Embarque ma belle, Guylaine Tanguay again, in turn, the success of his peers, accompanied by his daughter, Mary-Pier Bazinet.

The success was immediate and continuous, the video combining today nearly three million views.

“I was not expecting that at all ! At the beginning, I wanted to do this for me, to make me well and change me the ideas for the containment. But I saw that it was also good for people. I get asked about it every time I go out for a walk or go to the grocery store or the pharmacy “, she says.

More human than business

This infatuation will lead to-t-he by such impressive sales in the Country, officially launched on Thursday ? Guylaine Tanguay is not made of illusions.

“We must be realistic : the album will probably sell a little less because of the current circumstances. It is much more complicated to put albums on the market so that people can go to get it. And as the people are not working at this time, they have less money, ” she explains.

“But this, this is the side business. Me, what interests me is the human side, the fact is to touch people with my songs. And I know that on this particular album, there are stories that can help some people, either by letting out the tears that they hold for a long time, or making them smile, or dance “, she adds.

Menopause and mental health

These ” stories “, they are more personal and more revealing than those to which Guylaine Tanguay has accustomed us in the three decades of his career.

Taking it-even the pen, they sign this time of the inspired texts of the first symptoms of the menopause (I’m hot) and the death of his mother-in-law (The inevitable).

But the most personal is without a doubt the one of’I’m Your Mother (written by her younger daughter, Mary-Pier) which deals with the disorder of bipolarity of its older sister, Marilyn. This is the first time that Guylaine Tanguay addresses, as well on disk that, in the interview, this aspect of his private life.

Why do it today ? Because it is time. Simply.

“If someone had asked me to talk about it two years ago, I would have refused. I wasn’t there, I would have had the impression of wanting to complain ; I know very well that I am not the only one to have problems, ” she says.

“But now, I know that people understand that if I talk about it, it is simply to be honest with them. It is my way of telling them that they are not alone. My life is not perfect ; it has its difficulties and I’m not ashamed to talk about it, ” says Guylaine Tanguay.

♦ The album Country is currently in-store, online, and as a bonus with the magazine Échos Vedettes Country.


That is Guylaine Tanguay ?

  • Guylaine Tanguay was born on 23 September 1972 at Girardville, in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.
  • She made her stage debut at the age of 7 years, alongside her mother, Claircy Dufour.
  • Known in the mid-country for a very long time thanks to his albums Passion Country, The green book and the green book, the result, she became known to the general public in 2015 with Inspiration country, that throne five weeks at the top of the album sales francophones in Quebec.
  • In 2018, she receives a disk honorary highlighting 125 000 albums sold over the course of the previous four years.
  • In the same year, she became an author by publishing The straight line, an autobiography in which she raises the veil on his difficult childhood with an alcoholic father.

Joe Dassin-Paul Daraîche

Even if she is an icon of the country of quebec, Guylaine Tanguay does not hesitate to borrow from other musical genres. Evidence of this is in the headphones, the titles of Joe Dassin, Michel Pagliaro and Nicola Ciccone resonate as strong as the country of Zachary Richard and Paul Daraîche. The Journal asked him to comment on his reading list, assembly for QUB Music.

I turn back to THE WIND – Fred Pellerin

“This is a song that was played at the funeral of my mother-in-law, last year. I love to listen to it because, yes, it brings me back to a time of sorrow, but it is different today. I turn back to the wind, it is, for me, a form of liberation. I think of my mother-in-law who has freed himself of all the pain and all the quirks that his body had, with his last breath. ”

Mile AFTER MILE Fred Pellerin

“Fred Pellerin could sing my grocery list and I would have chills. Mile after mile, it is a song that I always loved, but without love it. When I heard his version, it took on a different meaning in my head. It became for me “the” version of this song. ”

I GO TO The OTHER side OF the WORLD – Beyries

“This song was already a gem ; the text of Paul Daraîche is absolutely wonderful. But it looks like Beyries has transformed this gem into a diamond in the rough with his voice and his interpretation. ”

AT the EDGE OF the LAC BIJOU – Zachary Richard

“This is one of my favorite songs for so long and I realized a dream by singing a duet with Zachary Richard on my show, simply country. It is very, very rare that I get nervous before singing, but this time, I was. It was very moving. ”

TI-BOGUS – Michel Pagliaro

Ti-Tin, it is fun pure, it makes you want to take a drink, dance and sing. For me, this is my song of happiness. When I sing on stage, I see the smile on the face of the people. ”

I LOVE You, TOUT COURT – Nicola Ciccone

“This is a text that I would have liked to write. I love you all short, in fact, that is what I would like to say all the time to my husband. All said in a manner so simple, and yet so effective. As the great love. ”


“My husband made me listen to this song a few years ago ; for him, it reminds him of his youth when he was going on a vacation with his family. I have the impression that we are allowed to actually go in and we find our heart of a child listening to it. ”

THE OLD GASPESIAN – Paul Daraîche and Patrice Michaud

“I love a lot the voice of Patrice Michaud ; no matter what he sings, for me, it is beautiful. When I listen to this song, it gives me chills all over the body. Patrice Michaud has a voice that is so human and sincere, it is a perfect match with the side hoarse Paul Daraîche. ”

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