Gwyneth Paltrow admitted, why not move in with her husband brad Felchak

Гвинет Пэлтроу призналась, почему не переехала к своему мужу Брэду Фэлчаку

The actress and her husband have a valid reason

In late September, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and television producer brad falchuk officially became husband and wife. But as it turned out, life never asked – two months after the wedding the couple still live apart.

The explanation for this Gwyneth Paltrow gave in an interview with WSJ magazine.

“I’ve never been a stepmother and don’t know what it’s like. Besides, we both have teenage children that need to act very carefully. Adolescence is already busy period, so we try not to rush things,” said Gwyneth.

Recall, Gwyneth Paltrow older 14-year-old daughter Apple and 12-year-old son Moses that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. By the way, the Rat in the house Gwyneth still has a room, which he can dispose at your discretion. Brad also has two children – son Brody and daughter Isabella, who gave birth to his ex-wife Suzanne Bukinik.

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