Gymnastics: from Beaucaire, the Sétoises left loaded with medals

Gymnastics: from Beaucaire, the Sétoises left loaded with medals

The Vincent-Ferrari Hall in Sète was worthily represented.

La Salle Vincent Ferrari competed in the interdepartmental championships.

The gymnastics section of the Salle Vincent-Ferrari in Sète traveled in large numbers to Beaucaire for the interdepartmental team championship in the Federal B and Federal OCC divisions. Ten teams from Sète were on site, for 42 gymnasts in total.

En Federal B, the "10-11 years" team composed of Ana Simon, Daamyia El Asri, Mila Ameil and Juliette Pages finished second.

The ’team "10-13 years" composed of Anaïs Bigel, Capucine Lepine, Mila Saci and Emma Benezet finished fifth.< /p>

In "7-8 years", team 1 (Lola Caussel, Thais Parchina, Thais Vasseur and Kayla Cuadrado) finished second, while team 2 (Zoé Izoird, Lana Aversa, Maddie Benco and Mila Liguori) finished sixth.

In "7-9 years", team 1 (Loucia Delsarte, Apama Granier, Lia Urlacher and Ilana Bourgault) finished fifth, team 2 ( Tiia Crouzet, Augustine Fourneaux, Maya Ouni, Lucie Moreno and Lisa Dib) ninth.

In Federal OCC, the ’10-11 years" team composed of ;Alice Minarro, Kayliaah Havet, Maeva Lett and Éden Notebaert took the gold medal.

The ’team "10-13 years" composed of Mathilde Esteoule, Suzanne Ducourou, Violette Boye and Roma Favolini finished fifth.

The ’team "10 years and over" composed of Paola Daubi, Swanna Dubois, Lena Anjulbeaut, Louise Bachy and Andrea Cardoso finished fifth.< /p>

Finally, the ’team "14 years and over"  composed of Nina Espinoza, Marie-Amalie Bauer, Pauline Chazal and Lina Delaye took the & rsquo;money.

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