Habits of living: Quebec were eager to get out!!

Habitudes de vie: les Québécois avaient hâte de sortir!

Jean-François Gibeault and
Marie Christine Trottier

After having been the north american champions of the containment, Quebecers have resumed their activities as much if not more than their neighbours, with the re-openers permitted by the government.

Geolocation data cell compiled by Google show that Quebecers are now less confined to home, go more often to their places of work and have to move more than other Canadians, and residents of the State of New York, in the United States.

More than anywhere else, Quebecers seem to have fought against the negative effects of the isolation out much more than usual outside, in the parks and green spaces.

The Log shows you the evolution of the confinement in time and according to the habits medium that had the people before the pandemic.

For each sector of activity, Québec’s situation is compared with that of our neighbours, but also with that of the countries who have made choices opposite Italy, with very strict measures, and Sweden, which has imposed few restrictions.


Change compared to the normal time spent in residential buildings, either single family houses or apartment buildings multilogements.

At the height of the crisis, Quebecers were the champions of the confinement to the house compared to the average of Canada. They followed a curve very similar to that of residents of the State of New York, which still remain a little more at home despite the return of good weather.

Places of work

Change compared to the attendance in normal office buildings and industrial buildings or places identified by Google as their places of work.

After the Italians, the Quebecois are the ones who have the least frequented their normal places of work at the height of the containment. At the beginning of April, the decrease was over 60 % compared to normal. The progressive reopening, however, has allowed the Québécois to “return to the “office” more quickly than for the average of Canada.


Change compared to the normal use of the parks, regardless of their size, including those with dogs.

The height of the pandemic COVID-19 coincided with the return of spring. Result : as with almost everything was closed, the Quebecers were quickly back outside the door and were massively frequented the parks, much more than in all other regions here referred to.

Retail and entertainment

Change compared to the attendance normal such as restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, museums, libraries and cinemas.

Quebecers have had less access to businesses during the crisis than elsewhere in Canada. The progressive reopening of the shops outside of Greater Montreal at the beginning of may has, however, permitted to catch up to the canadian average.

Grocery stores

Change compared to the attendance at normal food shops, large and small, as well as pharmacies.

The pandemic was first created panic in the grocery stores in Quebec, Canada and New York. For several weeks, Quebecers seem to have drained their reserves, appealed to the delivery and therefore have much less frequented grocery stores. Their consumption habits, however, seem to quickly return to normal for a few weeks.


Change compared to the attendance in normal metro stations, and train and bus terminals.

Quebecers, Canadians and people of the State of New York still appear to be reluctant to resume the transit. For their part, the Italians, who are overwhelmingly return to work, socialise a lot more trains and buses.

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