Hackers take advantage of the ChatGPT craze to market paid applications (for them)

Hackers are taking advantage of the ChatGPT craze to market paid apps (for them)


It's crazy the number of variations of ChatGPT in just a few weeks. On this Instagram account alone, there are more than a hundred, of which here is the last page of the list.

Last page of the list of 100 AI applications according to this account on Instagram


Given this popularity, it's no wonder that scammers have taken advantage of the popularity of ChatGPT, a natural language AI chatbot, by creating fake apps and tricking people into downloading them.

< p>ChatGPT is a text generator running on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms developed by OpenAI, known for providing answers to questions that look like those of humans.

Hackers tried to take advantage of this by creating a mobile app called “ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3” and demanded an exorbitant price of $8 for a weekly subscription or $50 for a monthly subscription, even though the original ChatGPT is freely available on the web.

In 5th position on the 'Apple App Store

The fake app took hold on Apple's App Store, ranking fifth in the productivity category and receiving a 4.6 out of 5 rating with over 13,000 reviews. It even used the original ChatGPT logo to appear more legitimate.

However, after gaining media attention, the app was eventually removed from the App Store. It's unclear exactly how she passed Apple's app review process.

Access to genuine ChatGPT is free

Users who downloaded the fake app reported issues similar to the real browser version of ChatGPT, such as incorrect information and excessive notifications. However, since the legitimate version is free, there is no reason to pay a separate subscription.

To access ChatGPT on smartphones, the recommended method is to use the AI ​​text generator on a mobile browser. The web version of ChatGPT has been in high demand, sometimes causing users to wait to access it. Some people may have been tempted to pay ($20/month) for the app to get privileged access without a waiting period.

Bookmark the real ChatGPT address: https: //chat.openai.com

Soon, the mobile versions of ChatGPT, on iOS which is already available in the United States, will soon be available on our market. The Android version will certainly follow.

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