Hair cut: a sign of a return to normal life

Coupe de cheveux: signe d’un retour à la vie normale

The day of June 15 was circled on the calendar of the clients and hairdressers in the Greater Montreal, which saw the re-opening of hairdressing salons as a sort of return to normal life.

“I’m glad, glad, glad,” responded Luke Bond, on Monday, during his interview capillary in Salon Ahuntsic, made by the owner of the place, Ashraf Attalla.

The hairdresser shared the state of mind of the customer. He had begun his work day at 8 a.m. and had to finish it in 21 h. This long span of time allowed him to catch up somewhat in the three months of inactivity, despite the fact that the appointment had to be spaced to satisfy the constraints of sanitary ware.

This period without customers has caused to the hairdresser harm, psychological and financial. “The pleasure for me is the contacts. I love the world. It is my pleasure today to see the people passing by and to see my neighbors. It’s a good feeling,” he said a few hours after its debut.

The shortfall caused by the shut-down period, did not prevent the hairdresser to be lenient with his clients. One of them didn’t necessarily have the means to pay at the time of his appointment, and in spite of the pandemic, his barber will continue to offer a service. “The important thing for me, this is not the money. It is the person,” he says.

The hair salon Fox on the street Laurier, Hyacinth Deslauriers saw his appointment with his hairdresser Vickie Pellerin as a sign of return to normal. “It is extremely relieving”, she said.

“Usually, it is trivial to go to the hairdresser. We do not think. It is something pleasant. We don’t write to his mother, normally, to tell him that we got our hair cut. But, given the circumstances, I find that it is a part of daily gestures of which one has been deprived and who are extremely pleasant to find,” related she.

Strong of 18 years in the field, his hairdresser lived a day out of the ordinary. Distancing of the appointment, wearing a mask, change of gowns between each client; she had never lived such a day. Even his first strokes were not smooth, and has entrusted to the one who performs this movement multiple times in a week. “It will come back very, very soon,” she added, smiling under his mask.

This time off has allowed citizens to appreciate more and more the service of hairdressing, ” she says. “It is one thing as several others that are a part of daily life, and [people] take it for granted. For the moment, I have a beautiful vibe of love. It is as if their gaze in the face of my work had changed a little”, said Ms. Pellerin.

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