Haircuts to soothe the soul

Des coupes de cheveux pour apaiser l’âme

The nursing staff of the Hospital Notre-Dame received a little bit of respite time to a hair cut in order to emphasize his dedication for the past three months.

It is thanks to a draw that thirty employees could spoil Friday, while CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal had improvised a hair salon for them, before the official opening next week.

“When I knew that I had won a place, I cried out of joy, I jumped ! I was so happy. You can’t imagine how it’s good for you, ” says Kaouthar Trigui, a nurse-assistant chief.

As a little bit of all the world, she and her colleague Teodora Nicolicin had not had the opportunity to interview the capillary since the beginning of the confinement, in mid-march.

“It makes me really happy. Well honestly, I’m so busy that I don’t think I would have had the time to get me an appointment. This is a luxury that I could not allow me “, argued Ms. Nicolicin, advisor in nursing.

“My dressing table had contacted me and was not able to offer me an appointment before August. I would have waited for a long time, ” says Ms. Trigui. It’s really nice that they recognize our work. “

Treatment for ” VIP “

Sign of the new era ” after-COVID-19 “, that is with a mask and visor to protect a team of five barbers and hairdressers of the salon Suite 105 by GLAM were able to do their job.

“The goal was to be able to go before all the world, as a VIP, and especially before any re-opens, and then this is madness “, said Olivier Miotto, co-owner of the salon.

It has been touched by all the work and the sacrifices that have been made since march by the nursing staff.

“Because I wanted to be able to make himself useful and be of service to people who deserve it. The idea came from to give our time to these people. We, we do not save lives like them, but if we can bring a little bit of happiness…, ” says Miotto.

He hopes to be able to engage in other salons to do the same.

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