Hairdressers complete until July and August

Des coiffeurs complets jusqu’en juillet et août

Unless you have already made an appointment, it will have to wait until July or August before they get their hair cut or dyeing the regrowth, a good number of salons who have already filled their calendar.

“Everybody is overwhelmed,” says Maxime Ouellet, owner of salon No.1, in Quebec city.

Like most lounges outside of the greater Montreal area, it has re-opened its doors a week ago. And already, the agenda of some of its hairdressers is filled until the end of July, or even until August.

Even to make an appointment with the new hairdresser, who had not yet built their clientele, it will have to wait for a month at a minimum, summarizes Mr. Ouellet.

Maxime Ouellet, owner of salon No.1 in Quebec.

And, even if his team works 12 hours per day.

This kind of delay has “nothing to do” with the usual wait before the pandemic, where we could schedule a colouring in less than two weeks, evidenced by Camille Mainville-Dufresne. The hairdresser of the salon The Different in Quebec city displays complete until mid-July.

Especially in Quebec city

On the eight salons of the capital that has contacted The Newspaper, five no longer have free range for the rest of the month of June.

“Before, I was doing four days per week. Here, I will be forced to rise at six,” said Nathalie Roy, owner of the salon Beauty Present Hairstyle, in Quebec city, where the waiting list stretches up to a month and a half.

It must be said that the sanitary standards are pushing the hairdressers to space their appointments to take the time to disinfect the places between each client and avoid that many do wait in the room, ” says Ms. Roy.

“There was a lot of anxiety [about sanitary measures] at the beginning, confesses Maxime Ouellet of salon No.1. But, finally, we are pleased with the outcome. At the end of the week, I congratulated all my gang.”

Longer for the stains

The waiting times are much longer for those who are in need of a colour, agree the hairdressers contacted.

As this service takes more time, it is more difficult to insert into the holes between appointments, in contrast to a single cutting, ” says Victoria Séguin of the show The Shop has sizo, in Gatineau, where the wait is about a month.

In the metropolitan region, the situation is variable geometry.

“This is madness,” exclaimed Nadia Bucci salon Fuschia She and him, in Saint-Léonard, where the diaries are full until the end of July, or even until the beginning of August.

Several hairdressers have, however, still ranges free in the coming weeks, although the calendar fills up quickly.

“It seems like a huge mountain […], but this is not the end of the world”, says Rémi Loron, coordinator, customer lounge Mëdz of the district of Rosemont in Montréal, where one can still book a colour service before the end of June.

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