Halsey and Suga (BTS) score with their title moving “Suga’s Interlude”

Halsey and Suga (BTS) reveal the single Suga’s Interlude

Once again, Halsey has worked with BTS, and more precisely with Suga. Their single Suga”s Interlude is out this Friday, December 5, 2019. A song very touching that the fans of the group of K-Pop are already more than a million to have heard, and they were able to put in TT on Twitter.

Halsey x Suga

Halsey had worked with BTS on the title Boy With Luv. This time, it is only with one of the members of the south Korean group, Suga, that the american singer has been working on a single. His name ? Simply Suga’s Interlude. It will be part of “Manic”, the new album of Halsey, the output of which is scheduled for 17 January 2020.

Posted on Friday December 5, 2019 on YouTube, Suga’s Interlude has already been listened to more than 1 million times. In the illustration picture of the video, viewers can appreciate all the sketches colored, which resemble children’s drawings. It is thus seen stick figures drawn with an umbrella, a crown, or stars.

The fans put the single in TT on Twitter

As for the music, fans of BTS and Halsey are delighted with this collaboration, they find that their voices blend together perfectly. The pace, quiet and soothing, is also highly appreciated by the tweeters. Without forgetting the words. Even if French internet users have admitted to not having understood everything, they have still been affected by them and find them even more beautiful since they translated the words.

A single that the fans have already managed to put TT on Twitter, as they talk about it. It must be said that Suga can count on the unwavering support of those who idolize him. When he had been criticized for her weight gain, the singer had been defended by his fans with the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou.

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