Handball: at Ferrari, the Frontignanais can envisage a nice pass of four

Handball: at Ferrari, the Frontignanais can envisage a nice pass of four

Kévin Mesnard va disputer l’un de ses derniers matchs sous les couleurs du Frontignan Thau Handball. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Large vainqueur à Valence (37-28), le FTHB reçoit Besançon ce samedi à 20 h 30.

Frontignan Thau Handball keeps up perfectly. Five days after signing a top-flight performance, with the superb victory obtained at home against third Pontault-Combault (39-37), Asier Antonio’s men have effectively done it again, this time outside of their bases. Winners 37-28 this Wednesday in Valencia, they assumed their status as favorites and ended a series of four away defeats.

An opponent in good shape

This Saturday, they will find their audience to play their third meeting in eight days. A match against Besançon which is likely to weigh in the balance when it comes time to count for the play-offs. The Bisontins (who have one more match) effectively occupy seventh place in Proligue with four points behind the FTHB. Suffice to say that in the event of victory, the Frontignanais would gain a suitable distance from a direct competitor. But be careful, today's opponent has only conceded one defeat in the last six days, and that was against leader Tremblay…


This penultimate meeting of the regular phase at Ferrari will also be an opportunity, for all the Muscat people, to pay homage to one of the great monuments of this club. Kévin Mesnard actually announced this week that he would end his professional career at the end of the season. After seven exceptional seasons in goal for the FTHB, where he greatly participated in the rise of the "Black and Gold" on the national scene, he will now devote himself to his professional life and family. A true monument, among the very best Proligue goalkeepers, who deserves an exit worthy of the player and teammate he has always been.

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