Handball: ''Everyone wants to finish in style'', confides Quentin Dupuy before Usam – Dijon

Handball: ''Everyone wants to finish in style'', confides Quentin Dupuy before Usam – Dijon

''Il faut qu'on continue à avoir de la confiance et cela va passer par les matches qui vont arriver.'' MIDI LIBRE – ALEXIS BETHUNE

On the departure, like others, at the end of the season, Quentin Dupuy, defender of Usam Nîmes (6th, 24 points) which welcomes Dijon (16th, 6 points), Friday April 5 at 20 hours at Parnasse (23rd day of Starligue), hopes to finish on a good note with the Green team.

At the end of May 2024, Quentin Dupuy, 29, will close a part of his life as a handball player and a man. Native of Nîmes, the defender of Usam – ''I started there at 8 years old''  – at the end of the contract, signed for three seasons at Dunkirk. Before thinking about tomorrow, time for a suspenseful end to the exercise with the Green team.

Two victories in a row and here is Usam tied for 5th…

Yes. After the two big defeats against Montpellier (16-27) and Toulouse (28-38), we put our heads back together and the victory against Saint-Raphaël (39-37) gave us do well. It inspired a new beginning. There, we check off the matches to win them. We're working for that, anyway.

How do you view the Starligue this season ?

It's a sick thing, there are no certainties, apart from the top 3, detached. I don't really know how to explain it, but all the clubs are setting up interesting projects.

How to explain the ups and down season of Usam?

For me, everything is explained by the density of the championship. No team can look forward to a match and say that it will win this one. Afterwards, in the state of mind, all teams have ups and downs. Concerning us, I don't think it's a problem of state of mind.

''I think it’s a great challenge for me for the future''

Could the many announced departures be one of the causes ?

I don't know if it matters because everyone, including me, wants to end on a high note. We only have good guys in the group, professionals. I know there are some who talk a little about that, about the end of a cycle…hellip;

A word about Dijon, last ?

Honestly, we didn't take it lightly when preparing it. I remember that on the way there, we went to their house – 6 (40th) – 31-29 victory. There, there you must not be surprised. It’s a cantankerous team, playing for their lives.

How do you experience the end of your Usamist story?

For the moment, I am in Nîmes and focused until the end of the season. Afterwards, it always feels weird, I never moved. I think it’s a great challenge for me going forward. I am very happy to go to Dunkirk.

The 16 Usamists

Baznik, Del Blanco (l.). Rebichon, Vincent, Tobie, Dupuy, MInel, Acquevillo, Zuzo, Konradsson, Gibernon, Abdelhak, Sanad, Antic, Poyet, Gallego.

Absent: Demaille (elbow), Kamtchop-Baril, Sissoko (knee cruciate ligaments) Derisbourg.

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