“Happiness” rallies nearly 1.9 million people during its premiere

“Happiness” rallies nearly 1.9 million people during its first


According to confirmed Numéris figures shared by TVA, its new feature “Le bonheur” enjoyed a total of 1,894,000 viewers for its first episode. 

According to initial estimates, the grating comedy written by François Avard and Daniel Gagnon, and produced by Aetios Productions, attracted 1,259,900 viewers live on Wednesday, January 5, at 9:30 p.m. , this already enviable figure rose to nearly 1,900,000.

All these people were able to see the legendary rise of milk by Professor François, played by Michel Charette, at the start of the series. The rebroadcast of the following Sunday evening also rallied 600,000 people.

Three other TVA shows were millionaires on January 5th. This is the case of the “VAT 6 p.m.” and the “Cheater”, which also remained above this symbolic mark throughout the week after the Holidays. The first episode of the third season of “Leo”, presented just with “Happiness”, obtained a score of 1,579,000 in confirmed data.

Other confirmed data for the week of January 3-6 includes people meter hits like “Alerts 2” (1,142,000), “The Red Bracelets” (1,125,000) and “The Perfect Moments” (895,000), according to Numéris.

Autumn auspiciousness

This fall, TVA obtained market shares of 39.4, more than its competitors combined, i.e. Radio- Canada (21.2) and Bell Media (16.9).

In a document sent to the media, the Quebecor channel mentions the strongest growth in audiences 2+ and 25-54, saying that it is, with this last highly sought-after audience, 10 shares ahead of ICI TÉLÉ and 14 shares ahead of Noovo.

“The TVA 6 p.m. gets 73% more audiences 25-54 than its competitor. The Sunday evening meeting [obtains] 40 market shares”, wrote TVA in its fall report, which is based on confirmed figures from Numéris.

These data show significant audiences for “ Masked singers” (1,700,000), “Revolution” (1,400,000) and “JMP” (1,100,000), on Sunday evening.

Note that viewing on the TVA+ platform, where viewers can catch up with their favorite shows, jumped 82%, thanks in particular to shows like “L'île de l'amour” and “Si on s'aimer”.

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