Happy bride Grosso showed pranks with her fiance: a handsome, girls will envy

Счастливая невеста Гросу показала шалости с женихом: такой красавчик, девушки завидуют

Alina Grosu

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who has long lived and worked in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience successfully makes on his page in Instagram. She often posts Nude pics, showing the audience how she grew up, and that no longer has the curly “bees”, to which all are accustomed.

And this time, Alina was not surprised by her audience, she published a photo which poses in a gentle manner along with his fiance. As reported, the girl boasted to fans of the bachelorette, which is obviously staged immediately after the engagement with her lover. We will remind, the other day Alina showed photos from your engagement, and also boasted a ring that her lover gave. Now the artist decided to show the very happy groom, whom she had so carefully concealed from the public, as it turned out, for four years.

On his page in the social network Alina Grosu posted two cute pictures where posing with a guy named Alexander, as she previously said. In the first photo, the singer is depicted in the arms of a loved one, she would have jumped on him, and he got caught. The girl dressed in bright red and white suit with floral print. Her hair dissolved, and on the face of a light makeup and a happy smile. The guy dressed in black pants and shirt, and on his feet he has shoes with light colored soles.

In the second photograph, the couple depicted on a walk by the river, they admire the swans, and the bridegroom shows something Aline something in the distance. In this photo, the couple is already back to camera, lovers holding hands. In the caption, Alina Grosu wrote a love poem, obviously, is dedicated to the beloved man. This publication does not remain without attention of fans, fans began to actively discuss. Followers loved the way Alina and others continue to discuss the groom and to congratulate the girl with the engagement, which she said the picture with the ring on the ring finger.

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Previously portal “Znayu” he reported that Grosso was first boasted groom.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Alina Grosu caught in the arms of the handsome young man.


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