Hard to find hay for farmers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

Difficile de trouver du foin pour les éleveurs du Bas-Saint-Laurent

Despite the rain of the last days, the agricultural producers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent fear of running out of hay after four years of harvests under the average.

This undermines, of course, to breeders, but also to horse owners who are struggling to find hay to feed their animals.

In order to cope with this crisis, three coordination offices to help producers find hay have been put up by the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA).

“We know that this year, it is more difficult. There is much less of amount of hay. You come to you to ask yourself, “ok, is this one is going to have enough hay for the amount of horses?” This is not like a motorcycle that you put in the garage. The horse, you have the fed, you can’t move to the side. It is stressful,” explained St√©phanie Lamy, co-owner of the ranch, The dream of a horse.

The price is also on the rise. The lack of water has an impact on the state of pastures for the horses.

The UPA indicates that advances on crop insurance will be paid very shortly to help the farmers.

The water lack any short

That said, the drought also leads to difficulties for the watering of beasts.

“What we see currently, it is the drought, but watering our animals and the water table, with the heat, it is falling all the time. Producers are forced to transport water for a few weeks. From there, it is of the book, because we do not think that a cow or a beast, it drinks,” explained Gilbert Marquis, president of l’UPA du Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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