Hard to find helpers at home when it was 95 years ago

Dur de trouver des aides à domicile quand on a 95 ans

At 95 years old, Adelina Chiarella holds stubbornly to stay in his house in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where she raised her ten children. But finding help at home to enable aging at home becomes more and more complicated.

Ms. Chiarella has been living alone since she lost her husband to cancer a few years ago of this. She has the right to 26 hours of home care per week. Her children take turns to help him, in addition to five employees who are paid through a cheque emploi-service of the CLSC.

This help is greatly appreciated by the lady, who refuses to leave the place where she lived the last 70 years. “Oh, no. I don’t want to go there. I would say no!” she says.

In the past weeks, the family has sought to recruit new helpers at home due to two resignations in the recent past. The salary offered is$ 15 per hour. A former employee has preferred to receive the Benefit of canadian emergency (PCU) rather than work, ” says Anne-Marie Bertrand, daughter of Mrs. Chiarella.

The recruitment is also made more complex by the recent increases in salary of orderlies who work in the public. In these conditions, it is virtually impossible to find help at home, even in a private agency.


Lucie Choquette, an ex-worker beneficiaries and retired, who comes to help Ms. Chiarella three hours, a weekend on two. “With it, it is more cheerful. It’s less boring”, says Ms. Chiarella.

The retiree loves to help him, but admits that it is not paying. “It can be, volunteering there, but it has its limits,” she says.

Paul Brunet, of the Council of the protection of the sick, asking the government to increase the salaries of family carers in a meaningful way to demonstrate his interest in home care and maintenance to the house of elders.

“We have people who are not in care, who do not have services. You pay a janitor 20 bucks an hour. Why can’t we give at least 20 dollars an hour to take care of the elderly?” he asks.

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