Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe should never have played the young wizard in the cinema

Harry Potter (of which here is the True or False of PRBK in video): Daniel Radcliffe should never have played the young wizard For many fans, Daniel Radcliffe = Harry Potter. Yet, as Chris Columbus (director and producer of the film saga) has just confided, the current star of the Miracle Workers series should never have played the bespectacled wizard in the films alongside Emma Watson (Hermione), Rupert Grint (Ron) and Tom Felton (Malfoy).

Today, it is impossible to imagine Harry Potter being embodied in the cinema by someone other than Daniel Radcliffe, as the actor knew how to leave his mark on this character. Yet, as Chris Columbus reveals, his casting for this role was not the most obvious thing in the world.

Daniel Radcliffe's parents were against the project < em> Harry Potter

The director of The Wizarding School and The bedroom secrets instead confides to the Hollywood Reporter, he had to scramble to convince the comedian's family to let him try his luck. At the time, after being charmed by his performance “complex and interesting “in the series David Copperfield (1999), he logically asked to meet him before possibly considering him for the role.

The problem? He quickly took a stop: “ The casting director said to me, 'You can never have it. His parents work in this industry. And they have no intention of throwing their son into it. Forget it! '“Anything to discourage him? Not at all. Realizing the potential of Radcliffe, he simply commissioned David Heyman [iconic producer of the saga] to unblock the situation,” With his usual charm, he finally managed to convince parents to come for a simple meeting. And then that started it all “.

Tom Felton was the frontrunner for the lead

Unfortunately, despite this good progress, the case was still far from being finalized. And for good reason, Chris Columbus had at the same time to face a second concern: the preference of the studio towards Tom Felton as Harry. Yes, you read that correctly, if the actor is today inseparable from the role of Draco Malfoy, Warner Bros. wanted in the first place to cast him for that of the wizard with glasses.

Tom was also a great actor. So we were like, 'Okay, let's dye his hair, let's add a scar, some glasses and we'll see. And he had a great casting Chris Columbus remembers. So what made Daniel Radcliffe finally land the role? Two things.

The first: The brown hair didn't fit at all Tom Felton, “ The thing is, you can really tell when an 11-12 year old has had his hair dyed. And he really made a good Malfoy. I couldn't miss it. I felt he had to play Malfoy “.

The second: Chris Columbus was able to count on strong support in these two highly important creative decisions for the future of the saga,” JK Rowling saw Radcliffe and said, 'He's the perfect Harry Potter.' (…) When the studio heard that she loved it, and me too, just like David, they said 'yes' “. And the rest is now history!

It remains to be seen whether Warner Bros. will also soon say “yes” to the film adaptation of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that Chris Columbus dreams of achieving. To be continued …

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