Harry Potter doesn't drive you mad

Harry Potter doesn't drive you crazy


The little lesson givers are everywhere. Professional troublemakers have infiltrated every sphere of society. 

Fun-in-the-round troublemakers are in every corner of your life.

The evidence ? The woke priests/activists now want to tell you what video game you are allowed to play, according to their 10 commandments.

They want the whole planet to boycott a game…because the woman who wrote the books that inspired this game is supposedly… a villain! Admit that they went to look for it quite far.


I'll sum up the story for you: on February 10, my 15-year-old son harassed me to buy him Hogwarts Legacy, a video game from the Harry Potter universe. By learning about the game, I discover that a whole fringe (the crippled and indoctrinated fringe) of the “media that cover the world of video games” refuses to write about this game and castigates those who dare to do so. Those who buy it are doomed.

Why? Because J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is labeled “transphobic”. 

In the dumb world we've lived in for 10 years, a woman (Rowling) gets accused of hating transgender people…just because she's already said it was ridiculous to call a woman “a person who menstruates”. 

J.K. Rowling, like many women, worries that in the name of transgender rights, female identity is being erased. She also worries that human beings born male are imprisoned with women. Just for expressing this opinion, she gets ostracized. 

I'm getting fed up with these little corporals of the League of Virtue who distribute their sentence, from the top of their towers. ivory: “O you who sinned by daring to recall the biological reality of a man and a woman, you are condemned to live on the margins of society and everything you touch will be burned in the public square”.< /p>

Harry Potter doesn't drive you crazy

Harry Potter does not drive mad

Hello Inquisition 2023.

Can you believe a video game reviewer wrote: “Hogwarts Legacycannot and should not be judged on its own merit. If you buy this game, you are making a choice that will harm the transgender community.”

It's still weird: “gamers” take pleasure in certain hyper-violent games, where blood flows freely or in certain games that hypersexualize women.

But beware! Above all, we should not play a game inspired by the universe of someone who has already said: “A woman is a woman”. 

Can we remind all of these little brigadiers of virtue that Rowling gave millions of young people a taste for reading? That it forever changed the world of publishing and children's literature?  


Ah yes , by the way, my son loved playing Hogwarts Legacy, an absolutely stunning creative universe! 

Just checked: no foam came to his lips. No devil horns grew from his forehead.

Harry Potter does not don't drive me crazy