Harry Potter movie quote creeps into UK debate

A quote from a Harry Potter movie slips into a British debate


One of the candidates trying to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the British Conservative Party has used a reference to the Harry Potter series to try to score points.

Tom Tugendhat quoted the great magician Albus Dumbledore during the debate organized by the media “Channel 4” to the question “why should we trust him?”

“It is easy to confront your enemies. It is sometimes more difficult to confront your allies,” he said, mentioning that his party is not going in the right direction.

In the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Albus Dumbledore says a similar phrase to demonstrate Neville Longbottom's courage.

“One must demonstrate a great source of bravery to confront one's enemies, but it takes just as much to confront one's friends,” the magician told the end of the first film.

Soon after the politician's response, the hashtag Dumbledore began circulating on social media.