Harry Potter : Tom Felton still clashed by the fans because of Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter : Tom Felton encore clashé par les fans à cause de Drago Malfoy

Harry Potter : Tom Felton still clashed by the fans because of Draco Malfoy

Present in all the Harry Potter films, including “The half-Blood Prince” and “the order of The Phoenix”, which are broadcast on TMC this Thursday, April 25, Tom Felton is known to the public for his role of Draco Malfoy. Unfortunately for him, some fans tend to confuse him with his character.

Tom Felton impressed by the success of Harry Potter

As evidenced by the (re)distribution of the films “The half-Blood Prince” and “the order of The Phoenix” on Thursday, April 25, on TMC, the cinematographic saga Harry Potter does not cease to fascinate the public. An eternal love for the franchise which reminds us of the immense work carried out upstream by J. K. Rowling on her books, and who always impresses as Tom Felton.

On the occasion of the presentation of a new attraction inspired by the movies in the park Universal Orlando Resort (USA), the unforgettable interpreter of Draco Malfoy has especially entrusted to Extra : “Honestly, when the last film was shot, I really thought that the flame “Harry Potter” was going to slowly shut down. However, one does not cease to finally prove me wrong“. It must be said that, between the play or the spin-off Fantastic beasts, the world of the sorcerer is far from having delivered all its secrets.

When fans confuse fiction and reality

A situation that obviously makes the happiness of the actor, even though this is obviously not always easy to be him. The reason for this ? It was unveiled, it happens to him regularly to be confused with his character with golden hair : “I sometimes have a few small clashes with people who have opinions, very very virulent, and who say to me ‘How have you dared to be so nasty to Harry ?!‘”.

The positive point for Tom Felton, is that it means that you recognize it yet, which is more the case with Daniel Radcliffe. Recently, the interpreter of Harry Potter confessed, in fact, go unnoticed by the new generation of fans.


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