Harry Styles assaulted and the victim of a robbery during Valentine’s day

Harry Styles agressé et victime d'un vol lors de la Saint-Valentin

Harry Styles assaulted and the victim of a robbery during Valentine’s day

The Valentine’s day of Harry Styles has not really gone as planned. The singer of Love You who will be in concert in Paris next may was allegedly attacked in the evening of Friday 14 February, according to the british press. Threatened with a knife, it would have been a victim of a vol

Decidedly, Harry Styles has bad moments… If all would be well in the love life of the former and One Direction that would be in a relationship with Adele according to rumors, it has recently experienced trials complicated. In October, he testified against a man who had spent two months in front of him and the stalkait (the latter now has the prohibition to approach the singer). It is an experience a bit more traumatic than Harry Styles would have lived a few days ago, just before the death of his former girlfriend, Caroline Flack.

Harry Styles attacked and threatened

If we believe the site of the Mirror, Harry Styles has been the victim of an assault, on the 14th of February, around midnight. The singer was walking in the street in the district of Hampstead in north London when he was allegedly “threatened with a knife” according to police. The police have confirmed the attack, explaining that “aman of twenty years, of which they have not revealed the identity would have been “approached by another man who threatened him with a knife. The victim was not injured, but the liquid has been stolen, “says the police. No arrest has taken place for the time being.

If you believe a source who is entrusted to the Mirror, Harry Styles would obviously be shocked after this incident even though it would have shown calm at the time. “He showed composure, he quickly gave the cash to the assailant, remained calm to put a swift end to the situation. But it was still shaken, “says a source. This Tuesday night, Harry Styles was in any case made a good figure at the Brit Awards 2020. He posed on the red carpet and sang during the ceremony, but unfortunately did not won awards. He was named best male artist and best album.

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