Harry Styles reveals his super powers in the clip way short film “Love You”

Harry Styles : the clip of Adore You

The One Direction appear to be very far away for Harry Styles. The british has found success in solo with her eponymous album released in may 2017, and he intends to get it back with “Fine Line”, his second album, which will be released on 13 December. After Lights Up, and Watermelon Sugar, he has just unveiled the video for her new title, Love You. A video in the form of a short film that tells the story of friendship between a young boy with powers and amazing, and… a fish.

Even if they have decided to take a long break, the One Direction continue to talk about themselves, in solo this time. Liam Payne has just released “LP1”, her first album, this Friday, December 6, and spoke of its new titles in the interview with PRBK. Louis Tomlinson, him, unveil his album “Walls” by next January, and Niall Horan is working on his second opus. For his part, Harry Styles continues to surprise us in song.

Harry Styles makes us travel

After the title Lights Up when he talks about his sexuality and Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles has bet on Love-You – to promote his new album, “Fine Line”, available everywhere in a week, the 13th December next. A title that sounds like a declaration of love (Honey / I’d walk through fire for you / Just let me love you can you hear) that the singer and actor has decided to make images with a very beautiful short film.

Towards the small island – sham – of Eroda (Love backwards), where lives a small boy who is no other than the artist with authority, tells the voice-overs. In the video, which lasts 7m45, so we can see Harry Styles walking in beautiful coastal scenery and befriend a fish. Yes, it is original but it is mostly very successful ! The clip was directed by Dave Meyers, who has collaborated with many artists such as Taylor Swift to Me!, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello for Senorita (which is the clip is the most seen in the world in 2019 or even Ariana Grande for ‘God is a Woman.

Soon in concert in Paris

For this second album, as on the first, Harry Styles participated in writing of the securities. “Writing a song is like surfing. You can train as much as we want but sometimes the wave comes and sometimes it doesn’t come” he entrusted to The Official. It seems in any case that the star has been very inspired ! In addition to this album, Harry Styles will also soon be on tour and will be in concert at AccorHotels Arena in Paris on may 15, 2020.

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