Harvard and MIT are attacking in justice the revocation of visas for foreign students, including classes remain virtual

Harvard et MIT attaquent en justice la révocation des visas pour les étudiants étrangers dont les cours restent virtuels

The universities of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were asked Wednesday to a federal court to block the decision of the government Trump revoking visas for foreign students in which the courses will remain virtual in the fall.

“We will defend this folder with determination in order to enable our foreign students – and foreign students of all universities in the country – to continue their studies without the risk of being deported,” said the president of Harvard, Lawrence Bacow, in a tweet announcing this action.

The government of Donald Trump announced Monday that it would not allow foreign students to remain in the United States if their universities were to decide, due to the pandemic, to teach only online in September.

On Tuesday, the us president lashed out with a vengeance to the prestigious university of Boston, calling it “ridiculous,” its decision to maintain all online courses in the fall because of a pandemic.

Harvard has almost 5000 international students out of a total of some 23 000 students. MIT, whose campus is next door to Harvard in Boston, identifies him nearly a third of foreign students.

According to the complaint filed Wednesday in the federal court in Boston, which aims the department of homeland Security and the police of the immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and their leaders, this decision has ” plunged MIT and Harvard university – and all higher education institutions in the United States – in the chaos. “

It has been taken “without taking into account the health of students, teachers, administrative staff and their environment “and leave” hundreds of thousands of foreign students without the opportunity to study in the United States, ” they write.

To be able to stay, the government Trump their request to be transfer to institutions which will resume teaching face-to-face, ” but a few weeks of school the most of students can’t “.

According to them, the decision of the government Trump is “arbitrary and capricious” and does ” not take into account important aspects of the problem “. It is ” an attempt to force universities to resume teaching face-to-face “, in defiance of health risks. They are asking the court to prevent it coming into force.

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