Has an outstanding comedian: his show amused the whole world

Ушел из жизни выдающийся комик: его шоу смешило весь мир

yesterday, 16:39

January 21 an outstanding British comedian, founder of the comic group “Monty Python” Terry Jones, the BBC reports.

In 1969, Jones, along with Eric Idle, Terry Gilliom, John Cleese, Michael Papino and Graham Chapman founded the sketch Comedy show “Flying circus Monty Python”, which used a lot of innovation and new comedic techniques. This show was demonstratos on the BBC news channel for five years — were shown 45 episodes.

Ушел из жизни выдающийся комик: его шоу смешило весь мир


Thanks to the show “Monty Python” came into use the word “spam” as the definition of hype. The influence of Monty Python on Comedy is often compared to The Beatles influence on rock and pop music.

Terry Jones has long suffered from a rare form of dementia. Died legendary artist on 78 year of life at his home in London.

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