Hateful comments against two TVA Sports hosts

Hateful comments towards two TVA Sports hosts< /p> UPDATE DAY

Elizabeth Rancourt and Justine St-Martin received a wave of hateful and misogynistic comments on their social media last week following their coverage of four NHL playoff games. 

While on the show “Le monde à l’envers”, the two TVA Sports hosts denounced, on Friday evening, the violence of the comments they received to raise awareness among Internet users. Before Saturday's events, neither had experienced such a situation, arguing that the culture of hockey could perhaps have something to do with this story.

“C This is the first time I've faced so much hate. […] I cover the Remparts, the Lions, university football, I animate golf … the answer may be there, it's the first time it's happened to me, “said Justine St -Martin.

“We often ignore [gender comments], but at some point, we have to put our foot down and say 'enough'. […] These people do not even think that we read them [their comments], and that is what is pathetic, ”added Elizabeth Rancourt, before reading an example of a comment she received last weekend.

“We had it easy; get where we are now [thanks to Chantal Macabée who paved the way]. But it's not completely cleared up. We are still tearing up networks here and there,” continued the host, noting however that the majority of their subscribers were courteous.

Chicane on set

The tone rose on set on Friday evening during a discussion on the debates, in which Gilles Proulx was invited to participate.

According to the commentator, the debate in Quebec now only exists in “limbo” since “the big mouths” of his time are off the airwaves.

Sophie Durocher notably accused him of to be contemptuous of the generations of debaters who have come after him, after the man included the columnist in his definition of “clothing code crows” and those he describes as “piafs”. p>

The commentator also defended the idea that, in order to debate, one must first and foremost provoke.

Charles Lafortune was the guest debater of the week. The producer and host is, among other things, returned to the success of his daily “Indéfendable”.