Have a good trip to the cinema

Bon retour au cinéma

After having been closed for nearly four months because of the pandemic, the cinemas of Quebec are finally ready to reopen their doors today with a maximum of 50 spectators per room. What it will look like your next outing to the cinema ? The Newspaper did a guided tour of the Cinema Guzzo Terrebonne yesterday to see what is in store for movie buffs.

Step 1 : the input

After passing the ticket booth and presented her ticket to the attendant at the entrance, the viewer must pass through a base station of hand sanitizer. All employees of the cinema who interact with clients must wear a mask and a visor. They also have several safety instructions to be observed during their work shift (frequent washing of hands, disinfection of surfaces…).

Step 2 : reminder of the instructions

A large flashing sign has been installed at the entrance of the cinema to remind moviegoers of instructions to be followed inside the institution. Customers must in particular keep a distance of 2 m between them in the common areas. Wearing a mask is not compulsory, but the owner of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo, said that it will sell soon in its facilities for clients who would feel more secure in wearing one.

Step 3 : purchase of popcorn

Fear not, it will still be possible to eat the popcorn at the cinema in the time of a pandemic. Vincent Guzzo points out, moreover, that the menu offered in its cinemas will be the same as it was before the containment. Ground markings indicate the distance in the queues before the counters of food.

Step 4 : in the room

All the rows of the rooms can be occupied, but the spectators who do not reside at the same address must leave at least two empty seats between them. For the moment, the public health imposes a limit of 50 viewers per room, but the maximum capacity could increase to 250 people as of mid-July if the health situation continues to improve. The rule of distance between the spectators could also possibly be reduced to a single seat. “For me, distance is not a problem in a cinema, insists Vincent Guzzo. Our rooms are large so the audience will naturally tend to sit far away from each other when it is possible. ”

Step 5 : the disinfection of rooms

All theaters will be disinfected after each session with a special device that sprays a disinfectant on the seats and surfaces. Cinemas Guzzo are also asking customers to do their part by picking up as much as possible their waste at the end of the projection in order to avoid that employees have to reach for glasses or packaging used.

What movies will be showing ?

Vincent Guzzo

In the absence of hollywood blockbusters until the end of July, the cinemas of Quebec will present in the coming weeks a selection of films from quebec and international, but also a number of american films that had taken the poster shortly before the beginning of the confinement.

Vincent Guzzo will also seize the opportunity to launch two films in which it has acquired distribution rights : the animated movie Fabulous adventures in Oz and the family film The adventures of Billy Stone : le médaillon sacré.

“I will give priority to films for the whole family because that is what always works best during the summer, says the president of Cinemas Guzzo. We will also go back to the shows of comedies and action films that have been successful before the containment as Jumanji : the next level, Bad boys for life and Sonic the hedgehog.

The thriller political Suspect number one, starring Antoine Olivier Pilon and Josh Hartnett, will be the first new quebec to take the poster, the 10th of July. By then, of quebec films such as Mafia Inc. and 14 Days, 12 Nights, who had seen their career room to be shortened because of the pandemic, will be entitled to a new release today.

The hollywood studios have pushed back the majority of their releases summer because of the crisis of the sars coronavirus, it will have to wait for the month of August before we see the first big american productions (including the highly anticipated Tenet and Mulan) land on our screens.

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