Have lunch with Simon Boulerice

Having lunch with Simon Boulerice


Simon Boulerice's new book is a graphic novel of incredible originality, delicacy and beauty. Imbued with melancholy, Lunch with Dad takes us to the restaurant for a touching morning ritual, between a boy and his father.< /p>

A graphic novel with the smell of coffee and bacon; how did this idea come about?

I talk a lot about the relationship with the mother and I find that the relationship with the father is something rich, perhaps quieter, but also full of tenderness. Occasionally, I eat in the diners– the places where the waitress calls you “my angel”! When I am there, I like to watch the “wildlife”. I remember seeing a father with his son. I projected a story about this dad and his son and I linked it to my desire to talk about a tender relationship between a father and his son. Full of love, but in silence. They don't have so much to say to each other, but they understand each other.

What is the backstory of your story?

J really like the concepts; a strong idea that can combine content and form at the same time. I had the fantasy of creating a collection of doilies! When I had lunch in the diners, I kept the doilies, with their coffee stains. I showed this to the illustrator, Anne-Julie Dudemaine, and my editor. From the start, they liked the idea of ​​making a collection of doilies full of life. I like to talk about gay parenting, a subject that I find fascinating. I found it interesting to see a super bubbly and loving stepfather, and a boy, Gaspard, who has a lot of affection for him.

You talk about mourning in your story. Was this a theme you wanted to highlight?

The question of mourning, I find it rich, especially when you're young and you don't understand everything… Beyond the mourning that Gaspard experiences, in this story, what is important is above all that he witnesses the grief his father is going through. I wanted Gaspard to be filled with empathy for his father, to leave him room in all of this.

The story is described as that of a 12-year-old child in loss of bearings, but surrounded by love… What did you want to express in this way?

I find that the passage between primary and secondary school is often trivialized, which is yet a great vertigo. Gaspard, this young teenager, is gifted at school, but he experiences other upheavals. For example, when his father offers him to reverse shared custody. Even if he adores his father and his stepfather, he is not ready to live that. It's the absence of landmarks in a family filled with love.

No choice to ask you for your typical meal, at the restaurant for lunch!

I'm not original, I'm like Gaspard (laughs)! Two eggs, with bacon. I alternate between apple juice and orange juice.