Have time for yourself

Have time for yourself

For those anxious as the holidays approach, forced to cancel their festivities and rituals at this particular time of the year, this is an opportunity to see things from another angle and to take time for themselves. Better yet, why not take advantage of this moment to attack the famous to do list.

From the outset, remember that the time spent worrying or expressing your discontent is time wasted and even more a great waste of energy. If we cannot change certain decisions, let us try to profit from them instead.

How many of you have a to do list who has been hanging around for months, even years without ever having time to do anything? Since we keep hearing people complaining about running out of time, here is a tool to remedy it.

If you have a vacation soon and cannot travel, feast or visit your loved ones, there are several options available to you. You have the leisure to do what you may never have the time to do, like lounging in a Zen place, listening to music, watching good movies, reading a good book, playing outside, trying new things. recipes, organize a candlelit dinner, go back to skating, go skiing, share your photo memories, redo the decoration of the house, walk in the forest, phone a friend who is alone or even try yoga or to meditation.

More pragmatically, you can revisit your goals, develop a new career plan or a business plan to get started in a whole new venture tailored to current needs.

In her book, author Laura Vanderkam suggests just tackling your to-do list. Think of the relief that you made it through instead of complaining that you had to cancel your plans.

Planning effectively

Whatever your interests, take the opportunity to do something that is important to you or that makes you happy. To effectively plan anything, the author offers a host of tips and effective tools, so you can get more done without ever feeling overwhelmed. Time being relative and the way in which each one disposes of it, it is a matter of personal choice. Perhaps you would like to set everything up to the point of maximizing each time slot in your agenda, or, conversely, you would be tempted to leave your watch in a drawer and close your cell phone to enjoy the moment. present without worrying about the passage of time. No matter what you choose, time is so precious, so why not try and use that time to do something that will give you comfort and well-being.

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