Having collapsed spectacularly in Kiel, the MHB has undoubtedly reached its limits

Having collapsed spectacularly in Kiel, the MHB has undoubtedly reached its limits

La jeunesse de Monte a fait face à l'expérience des Wiencek ou Pekeler. dpa – Axel Heimken

The defeat of MHB in Kiel (31-21), synonymous with elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Thursday May 2, perhaps showed the existence of a ceiling of glass for Montpellier residents.

When the next German submarines leave the Kiel shipyards and pass through the eponymous canal to reach the Baltic Sea, they could meet the hopes of the European coronation of the MHB version 2023-2024.< /p>

Thursday, the Montpellier ship was sent six feet underwater by the Zebras of the THW. All after a sixty-minute fight fought in a Dionysian atmosphere within the belching and mythical Wunderino Arena.

For Valentin Porte's teammates, the disillusionment is colossal. It lives up to the hopes aroused by their resounding victory in the first leg on the banks of the Lez (39-30).

Canayer: "You had to have more guts, more mentality"

"It's too horrible to believe, the captain of the Hérault boat tried to analyze after having took a little time to hold back her tears. We manage to stay at five-six goals but we give them the match due to errors and a monstrous lack of experience, that's what drives me crazy."

This is perhaps the main lesson from this nightmarish evening: due to its lack of experience at this level, Montpellier has undoubtedly reached its glass ceiling. Since its second European coronation in 2018, Patrice Canayer's team has actually no longer joined Cologne and its fantastic Final 4 fair of this Champions League.

"We weren’not strong enough to win, but there was room to qualify, posed Patrice Canayer after his last European Cup match with MHB. For that, you had to have more guts, more mentality to accept the idea of ​​being dominated and try to come back at the end."

Wiencek, Duvnjak and the others 

"But our squad is too young in terms of experience to go further in the Champions League, continues- he. We were dominated and we could hardly have done better handballistically. But with a little more courage and determination, there was room. But we don't do it."

It must be said that opposite them, the Montpellier residents faced monsters of experience, cunning and talent.

He may be detestable, with an attitude very often beyond acceptable, the German Patrick Wiencek is the perfect example of a player missing from the MHB squad . Just like his compatriot Hendrik Pekeler or his captain Domagoj Duvnjak, who all knew how to believe in an “Aufholjagd” (back in the language of Goethe) and take their fabulous audience with them.

One goal difference

"After this match, I realize what it’s like to play in a great team, delighted the former Montpellier player Samir Bellahcene, who became a father this week. I'm going to give myself even more to stay with them for the long term. I play with legends and machines… What we did this evening was crazy, a miracle."

This incredible outcome was also made possible by some extenuating circumstances, on the Montpellier side. Diego Simonet played on one leg, preventing the dynamism of a back base long since amputated by the absences of Ahmed Hesham (23 years old) and Kyllian Villeminot (25 years old).

And with all this, the MHB only failed to score one goal in the two confrontations. The only (and big) downside is that he will have to wait at least a year before returning to the highest European level. To, why not, make the glass above his head explode.

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