Hawaii 5-0 season 9 : a cult figure might leave the series in the final

Hawaii 5-0 saison 9 : un personnage culte pourrait quitter la série dans le final

Hawaii 5-0 season 9 : a cult figure might leave the series in the final

The last episode of season 9 of Hawaii 5-0 could leave the fans in shock. According to the showrunner of the series of CBS, one of the important members of the Team could in effect go away. Attention spoilers.

A future start in the series ?

Sorry to tell you, but the end of the season 9 of Hawaii 5-0, which will be broadcast may 17 on CBS in the USA, could you break the heart. Or at the very least, offer you a enormous shock. Asked by TVLine about the plot to come, Peter M. Lenkov (the showrunner) has in effect promised a conclusion that could change everything.

How ? Difficult to say for the moment. What we do know is that it will be linked to the intrigue surrounding the death of Joe White : “It will conclude with a cliffhanger that will affect one of the key members of the team, in a way that will see the public questioning the possibility that he leaves the series. Yes, it is rather huge“. You had said, the series could take a sad turn…

Danny and Rachel ? It’s moving forward

Of course, the mystery remains over the identity of the character, even if Alex O’loughlin (McGarrett) was already at the center of rumors starting last year. Nevertheless, according to the showrunner, this shouldn’t apply to Danny (Scott Caan) and Rachel (Claire van der Boom). The reason for this ? Peter M. Lenkov has stated, they are already busy to develop their relationship in future episodes : “They’re going to take the temperature. A true love story is not something to which they go too quickly embark“. And obviously, a departure of one of them would go against the progress of their story…


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