HBO failed response: there was a trailer of the Russian TV series “Chernobyl” and gets kinospot

This is a story about a CIA agent who happened to be in Pripyat

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Неудачный ответ HBO: появился трейлер российского сериала "Чернобыль"  и уже с киноляпом

Frame from the series “Chernobyl”

After the stunning success of the mini-series “Chernobyl” from HBO, in the Russian Federation decided to submit and your project about this tragedy. Thus, the network appeared the trailer for the Russian TV series “Chernobyl“, due out in theaters in 2019.

Learn how the TV series “Chernobyl” has provoked an influx of foreign tourists in the exclusion zone:

Plot 12-episode series will tell not only about the accident, but about the period before and after the disaster. The action will unfold around a CIA agent, arrived in Pripyat.

“We have the detail show that it was. About human destiny in the first place. In the project there will be many dramatic and tragic lines,” – said the Director of the series, Alexei Muradov.

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It is worth noting that the trailer got a lot of negative feedback from users of the network. Many compared it with the series “Chernobyl” from the American channel HBO, which became a sensation this year. “That awkward moment when the British entourage in the film about the Soviet Union was better than in the country which, that the USSR was”, “So, guys, an urgent need to respond to the West. Budget three packs of crackers and beer for the operator. Go”, “the 3-minute trailer of the bloopers more than in all series from HBO”, “Everything is in harmony: Russia – a parody of the country, and this is a parody of cinema”, “Lord, don’t let this, I beg you! Even on the trailer it is clear that this is the bottom” – write in the comments under the video.

Attentive users immediately noticed a goof even in the trailer. So, the audience drew attention to the fact that the two cars that appear in the frame in different scenes, same license plates.

In addition, Internet users made fun of the scene with the American spy who gets involved in history.

We will remind, the Ukrainian military pilot, Colonel Oleg Mikhaylenko, who became a consultant during the creation of the rating of the HBO series “Chernobyl”, told how he had to remain silent on the details of the filming of the series.

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